Diet Tips: Microwave Cooking Tips

By | September 17, 2019

The use of microwave ovens speeds up cooking. There are also a lot of tips for using the microwave oven. Mastering these tips can make your cooking time easier and more convenient.

Food should be arranged on average, not piled up in order to make the food evenly heat up. Small pieces of food are cooked faster than large pieces of food. It is best to cut the food into small pieces of 5 cm or less. The more regular the shape of the food, the more uniform the microwave heating. Under normal circumstances, the food should be cut into pieces or pieces of suitable size and shape.

If the food has a hard skin, it must be peeled off before cooking.

Microwave ovens do not easily color the surface of food. They can be applied to the surface of food to make it dark brown before cooking.

Microwave ovens are heated at very high temperatures and tend to evaporate water. They should be covered with a heat-resistant plastic wrap or a heat-resistant glass cover to keep moisture.

Chicken wings, chicken breasts or fish heads, fish tails or The corners of the cake are easy to overcook and can be evenly coated with aluminum foil.

At the end of the heat, put the food on hold for a while or add some ingredients to some foods (such as cooking poultry meat, you can pour emulsified oil or sauce, then sprinkle some chili powder, breadcrumbs Etc.), can achieve satisfactory results that heating can not achieve.

The higher the temperature of the food itself, the shorter the cooking time; the heating time in summer is shorter than in winter. Cooking thick and dense food takes longer to heat than porous and loose food. Foods with high water content generally absorb more microwaves, and the cooking time is shorter than that of low water content.

When cooking food in a microwave oven, it is better to cook less and not overcook. Re-cooking in the microwave oven will not affect the color and aroma of the dishes.

When cooking in a microwave oven, the amount of salt should be minimized to avoid cooking food.

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