Forbearing tears is equal to chronic suicide

By | September 20, 2019

Sadness is detrimental to health, but crying when you are sad is good for your health.

Psychologists have found that the protein content is high in tears that fall out of sadness. This protein is a harmful substance produced by mental depression, and the suppressed substance accumulates in the body, which is detrimental to human health. An expert in the psychiatric laboratory of the St. Paul & mdash; Remsey Medical Center in the United States found that tears can alleviate the feeling of depression.

They found through chemical analysis of tears that tears contain two important chemicals, the enkephalin complex and prolactin. It only exists in tears that are affected by emotions and cannot be detected in tears that are stimulated by onions and the like. Therefore, they believe that tears can alleviate psychological stress by removing the chemicals that cause melancholy in the body.

Experts believe that women’s life expectancy is generally longer than men’s reasons. In addition to occupational, physiological, hormonal, psychological and other advantages, being good at crying is also an important factor. Usually, when people cry, they will reduce their emotional intensity by 40%. Conversely, if you can’t use your tears to eliminate emotional stress, it will affect your health. Therefore, experts believe that tolerating tears is equal to “suicide”. However, crying should not exceed 15 minutes. If the depressed mood is vented and relieved, you can’t cry again, otherwise it will be harmful to the body. Because people’s gastrointestinal function is extremely sensitive to emotions, sadness or sorrow or crying is too long, the movement of the stomach will slow down, the secretion of gastric juice will decrease, the acidity will decrease, it will affect the appetite, and even cause various stomach diseases.

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