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15 Factors That Affect a Woman’s Fertility

1 of 17 What causes infertility? by Amanda MacMillan Most people know that a woman’s fertility decreases as she gets older, but even during her most fertile (and otherwise healthy) years, lifestyle choices and external factors can affect a woman’s chances of having a healthy baby. “Women who want to increase their chances of… Read More »

Health Wonk Review for April 23, 2015

Joe Paduda over at Managed Care Manners took the helm for the latest edition of Health Wonk Review and – much to our delight – he’s dedicated the edition to the PPACA (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for those who may have forgotten). PPACA … Paduda included seven posts under the subhead PPACA:… Read More »

Sponsored: Health Buzz Bloggers Sound Off on Pets

1 of 9 Sweep Tight I’m in love with K9s for Warriors for a couple of big reasons. First and foremost, they are helping our servicemen and women. Our soldiers go off to foreign countries to fight battles that were decided by men in offices right here in the states. These men and women bravely… Read More »

20 Must-Have Gadgets for Exercising With Your Dog

1 of 22 Puppy fitness by Amanda MacMillan Whether you’re walking, running, or playing fetch with your four-legged friend, getting outside and breaking a sweat (or, in your dog’s case, a pant) is a great way to keep you both healthy and happy. “Dogs need exercise just as much exercise as people, if not more,”… Read More »

6 Ways Your Mobile Devices Are Hurting Your Body

1 of 9 New rules for screen time by Leslie Barrie From Health magazine You stare at them every day. Probably for more hours than you gaze at your own kids, partner or dog. We’re talking screens, and “all that hunching to look at them can put serious strain on your body,” says Kenneth K.… Read More »

America’s Healthiest Pets

Ask any of Americas hundred-million-plus pet owners if their animal companions make life a little sweeter, and youre bound to hear a gleeful purr. Our critters make us so happy that, in return for their company, we willingly scoop poop, clean cages, shell out for organic kibble, and stock an arsenal of supplies to help… Read More »

Running With Your Dog: 17 Dos and Don’ts

1 of 19 Man’s best workout buddy by Amanda MacMillan Your dog may be the ultimate exercise partner. Think about it: dogs are always eager to spend more time with you, they have plenty of excess energy to burn, and temptation to skip a scheduled sweat session melts away when your furry friend stands at… Read More »

20 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Bed

1 of 22 Sneaky sleep saboteurs by Amanda MacMillan Getting a good night’s sleep is important for your mood, your energy levels, and your overall health. It’s also dependent on what you do during the day—how much physical activity you get, what you eat and drink, and how mentally stimulated you are—especially in the hours… Read More »

17 Surprising Reasons You’re Stressed Out

1 of 19 Weird stress triggers by Amanda MacMillan You’re probably all too aware of the major sources of stress in your life—money, your terrible commute, the construction workers who start jackhammering at 5 a.m. But stress and anxiety don’t have to just come from obvious or even negative sources. “There are plenty of chronic… Read More »

10 Sleep Compatibility Problems, Solved

1 of 12 Tips for sharing a bed by Esther Crain A good night’s rest can be hard enough to get on your own. Add in the challenge of sleeping with a partner who snores, hogs the covers, or can only nod off to the sound of the nightly news—or has issues with your sleep… Read More »