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Americans know how to shop (even for insurance)

Shopping for a health insurance plan is hard. Too many of those who visited or their home state’s exchange but remained uninsured may not have realized that they were eligible for subsidies or Medicaid. Among those who did enroll in qualified health plans (QHPs) on ACA exchanges, however, evidence is mounting that most made informed… Read More »

Quiz: Do You Have Good Energy?

1. True or false: You can think yourself energized. Answer: True. Your thoughts alone can spark activity in an area of your brain called the anterior cingulate cortex, which regulates motivation and perception of effort. Studies show that people who believe they can go the distance, whether it’s a long run or an all-day garage… Read More »

Proven Ways to Beat a Bad Mood

Sigh if this has happened to you: You’re heading out the door, feeling reasonably upbeat—your outfit is cute, the weather is sunny. And then, wham! Your husband asks, “Why do you look so tired?” You forgot your phone. Oops, it’s dead. And now you’re late. A rotten mood builds. Though you’re aware of what’s happening,… Read More »

If SCOTUS nukes Obamacare, what happens next?

If the Supreme Court rules for the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell, cutting off the federal subsidies for some 7 million people who bought private health insurance through the federal health insurance marketplace established by the Affordable Care Act,  what happens next?  The law will still be on the books, but the health insurance markets… Read More »

Obamacare extension offers relief for penalty payers

If you’ve been stressing out about the end of Obamacare’s open enrollment period – and a possible Obamacare penalty for missing the enrollment deadline – you may have gotten some welcome “wiggle room” from the federal government in the form of an additional 47 days to enroll. Exchanges in every state have already designated deadline… Read More »

13 Ways to Stop Drinking Soda for Good

1 of 17 The trouble with bubbles by Amanda MacMillan You know soda’s not exactly good for you—but at the same time, it can be hard to resist. Its sweet taste, pleasant fizz, and energizing jolt often seems like just what you need to wash down your dinner, get you through an afternoon slump, or… Read More »