Life reminder: fall in love with spicy hot pot, feel acne

By | September 17, 2019

Recently, Qixue Capsule was urgently stopped by the State Food and Drug Administration for sale and use due to suspected liver injury. Experts caution, do not believe in some of the so-called “radical” acne remedies, because the current treatment technology can not guarantee that acne no longer relapse. To say goodbye to acne, start with a healthy lifestyle.

spicy hot pot is & ldquo; culprit & rdquo;

Ten nine hemorrhoids. As a common disease, hemorrhoids are more likely to recur in the autumn and winter. An Ayi, director of the anorectal department of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, pointed out that the dry climate in autumn and winter is the main cause of recurrence of hemorrhoids. Chinese medicine believes that the dry climate is likely to cause dryness and lung damage, while the lungs and large intestines are in the surface, dry and injured lungs also hurt the intestines, causing anorectal diseases.

In addition, “Autumn Autumn”, the popularity of winter hot pot, irregular life, are likely to lead to hemorrhoids. Staying up late, excessive alcohol and tobacco, partial eclipse, excessive consumption of spicy, etc. may aggravate the condition. In addition, many people in winter wear warm underwear to keep warm. An Aunt pointed out that too close-fitting clothing is not conducive to blood circulation, and may also induce hemorrhoids.

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