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Thank you, Justice Roberts, for saving our butts

In the Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday, Chief Justice John Roberts provided a truthful assessment of what would happen to the health insurance marketplace if the requirement to purchase insurance and the federal subsidies to help people afford coverage were declared unlawful in all but a few states. It would collapse. Because of the hyper partisanship… Read More »

No, Obamacare supporters. The game is not over.

We were honestly prepared for the unthinkable today … that the Supreme Court would issue a ruling that would invalidate the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance subsidies. Our relief is immense. But here’s the thing: The game is not over. Despite a much-welcome avalanche of celebratory headlines – including my favorite from The New Republic… Read More »

Low Libido? 11 Drugs That Affect Your Sex Drive

1 of 13 Libido-killing drugs by Amanda Gardner Everyone’s heard of medication that can improve your sex life (hello, Viagra!), but some drugs can actually quash it. If you’re feeling less than interested in having sex, the culprit might be in your medicine cabinet. If you suspect your low libido might be related to your… Read More »

Obamacare’s subsidies upheld. What now?

Ever since the Supreme Court agreed last November to hear King v. Burwell, the case has been a constant specter in the 34 states that use the federally facilitated marketplace (FFM), and possibly the three others that use but are considered supported state-based marketplaces (SSBMs). The prospect of a plaintiff win – and the… Read More »

Obamacare takes huge steps toward LGBT equality

June 2015 is a significant month for the LGBT community – and not just because it’s LGBT Pride Month, when America celebrates the gains and achievements of LGBT people. There’s also the U.S. Supreme Court case advocates are hoping will result in same-sex marriage being legalized nationwide. But equally important to the LGBT community is… Read More »

How to Treat 8 Common Injuries at Home

1 of 10 First aid by Kate Rockwood From Health magazine Quick—what’s the best way to treat a burn? Or a sliced finger? Or a bad blow to the head? The immediate steps you take in an emergency—whether you’re miles deep in the wilderness or just a few blocks from a hospital—can be crucial. “If… Read More »

When Silver is worth more than Gold or Platinum

Healthcare reporters associated with Kaiser Health News rarely get their facts wrong. And an NPR/KHN report on the plight of those who bought ACA plans with high deductibles no doubt accurately reports the facts about the person in question. But the story is misleadingly framed. The problem is very real but less prevalent than reporter… Read More »

How to keep health coverage after college

With the pomp and circumstance of graduation behind them, many college grads are either enjoying a well-deserved break or hitting the pavement to look for a job. But there are still plenty of valuable lessons to learn about being a grown-up – and one of them is how to buy health insurance. Fears of lost… Read More »

Financial ruin for millions? #ThanksGOP

For several months now, various media outlets (including myself) have talked about how many people could lose the federal tax credits provided by the Affordable Care Act and/or with it, their health insurance policies, if the Supreme Court rules for the plaintiffs in the infamous King v. Burwell case. The decision announcement is expected sometime… Read More »