18 Home Health Tips

By | September 19, 2019

Home, what is your home? Home is the place closest to your heart; home is the eternal concern of your heart; home is the harbor when you encounter storms; the home is your resting space, so the health of the home is very important.

1, too moist toilet easy to get sick

wet toilet easily fungal growth, reproduction, induced respiratory disease. Therefore, the wet mop should be dried before being placed in the bathroom; keep the sewer open; diligently open the exhaust fan.

2, except for the smell in the home

Sprinkle some yam water in the sewer, mix some fresh orange peel in the pot, put a bag of dried tea leaves in the closet, drawer, in the wok Put a little vinegar and heat it to remove odor.

3, the house is full of flowers and tired

Indoor plants should be small and refined. Too much will damage the overall sense of the environment, not only difficult to adjust the mood, but also cause visual fatigue.

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