Don’t let static electricity hurt you quietly

By | September 18, 2019

When winter arrives, we may all have this trouble: static electricity. When I change clothes every day, there will always be flashing electric sparks, and there may be a feeling of hemp on my hands. This is the electricity that is being electrostatically charged. The existence of static electricity not only makes us numb, but also seriously affects our body, especially for women, it is also one of the sources of sin. How to change the impact of static electricity on us, let’s see how experts can help.

Static electricity is a sneak attacking guy, letting you entangle with it unconsciously, surprisingly it begins to discharge to you. But what you wiped out is not “Spark of Love”.

Get up early and comb your hair, the more you comb, the more chaotic, and even have the effect of “wrathing and rushing the crown”; going out to work, but letting you linger, the original super-tangible skirt is tightly attached to the leg; and the lover When I was together, I didn’t even dare to take his hand? ? Static electricity is uncomfortable, and it also has some small effects on the body.

Static electricity can’t be touched. When the electric shock is felt, the static voltage on the person has exceeded 2000 volts. When the spark is discharged, the static voltage on the body has exceeded 3000 volts. Acupuncture-like pain; when you hear the sound of “discharge”, the static voltage on the body has reached 7000 ~ 8000 volts. For the human body, its visits are really a lot of drawbacks.

On the skin

Xiaomei recently worked for more than 8 hours a day in front of the computer because of an urgent task, but with the appearance of spots on her face, pores It is also thick. She was particularly troubled, went to the doctor, and changed skin care products, but all the measures did not work. After finishing the work, Xiaomei took a week off, and my colleagues said that her skin was so good, and she restored the whiteness and delicateness of the past.

Medical experts point out that long-term exposure to open TV, computers and microwave ovens often results in enlarged pores, dry skin, erythema, itchy skin and other symptoms. The incidence of facial diseases such as erythema and pigmentation in office white-collar workers is much higher than that of those who do not use computers. This is because the static electricity generated by computer screens attracts a large amount of suspended dust and causes facial irritation. This is especially true for people who are sensitive to the skin.

On the heart

As soon as winter, the heart of LILY began to feel uncomfortable. On three days, there was palpitation and heartache at both ends. Going to the hospital for examination, most of the time the ECG showed that everything was normal. LILY feels very strange. There is no special reason. Why is the heart always uncomfortable? The problem finally found the answer in the expert: it is a heart problem caused by static electricity. LILY suddenly stunned.

Medical experts explain: In clinical practice, when some people are in critical condition, they may use an electric shock to save the patient’s life, because the electric shock can defibrillate. It can be seen that a certain amount of current can save people, but normal people do not need current. If the static electricity carried by the human body is in the thousands of volts or even 10,000 volts, it will seriously interfere with and even change the potential difference inherent in the human body, especially affecting the normal work of the heart, which may cause abnormal heart rate and premature beats. In winter, one-third of cardiovascular diseases are related to static electricity. Eighty-nine out of nine people with heart disease and neurasthenia who cannot find the cause are due to long-term interference from static electricity.

On the brain

From the beginning of winter, Xiaolei has become a big problem with sleep difficulties and headaches. In the spring, the situation is getting better. One winter, she went to Guangzhou for a half-month trip and found that the problem of sleep was gone, and her head did not hurt. She changed her place and improved her size so much that she was particularly surprised.

Medical experts explain: Static electricity generated by drying does have an effect on the brain. It can cause abnormal conduction of nerve cell membrane current, affecting the central nervous system, causing fatigue, irritability, insomnia, and headache.

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