Continuous day and night may cause deafness

By | June 1, 2019

In recent years, patients with sudden deafness have become younger. Doctors reminded that popular lifestyles such as phone porridge, karaoke, and playing mahjong may cause sorrow.

Wear headphones to listen to music, call porridge, karaoke, play mahjong, stay up all night working … … This is the lifestyle of some young people today. Coupled with working in a noisy environment, many people’s hearings are seriously impaired, and even sudden deafness occurs.

Every March 3rd is the National Ear Day. According to the Xiaoshan Disabled Persons’ Federation, there are about 5,000 people with hearing disabilities in our district, and young and middle-aged people account for a large proportion. The reporter visited the Xiaoshan Huier Hearing Service Center and the Otolaryngology Department of Xiaoshan Hospital of Zhejiang Province. He found that the current sudden deafness in Xiaoshan has a younger trend, and the direct cause of the disease is related to occupational characteristics and bad behavior habits.

He has been working for more than five years with the sound of a booming machine. Not long ago, he found that hearing was seriously degraded, and even the TV sounds were not clear. On March 2nd, at the scene of the Ninth National Ear-Aid Day consultation clinic held by the Disabled Persons’ Federation in Xiaoshan District, the staff made a post-test diagnosis for him. Xiao Xue suffered from neurological deafness and suggested that he change a quiet job.

Case 2: Mr. Yang, 34, is busy at work and has a lot of entertainment. Friends often play mahjong and sing together. Not long ago, he accompanied his friend for a day and night of mahjong. When he got home, he was horrified to find that he couldn’t hear the family’s words. He went to the hospital to check for sudden deafness.

Case 3: Ms. Zhang, who is in her 30s, has just been working in Xiaoshan. She is under great pressure and overtime is a common occurrence. Recently, she suddenly felt that her hearing had dropped. After investigation, her hearing is within the normal range, but it has reached the edge of deafness and needs attention.


According to Xia Yiping, a staff member of Xiaoshan Huier Hearing Service Center, although there is no specific statistics, I feel that I have a sudden encounter in actual contact. There are more and more young and middle-aged deaf people.

Dr. Lin Yongdong, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Xiaoshan Hospital, Zhejiang Province, said that in the recent period, many factories, workers, business people, young white-collar workers, etc. have also increased due to sudden deafness.

Unhealthy lifestyle is one of the main causes of sputum

Noisy noise, excessive mental stress and bad habits are the main culprit for sudden deafness in young and middle-aged people. Xu Pengyun, a hearing consultant of Xiaoshan Huier Hearing Service Center, will classify the causes of the cause:

Noise is easy to take away, and the victims are more workers. There are more and more enterprises in Xiaoshan, among which textiles, clothing, steel and other industries account for a large proportion. The noise of these companies’ production workshops is generally large, and workers are placed in them for a long time. If you do not pay attention to adjustment and rest, it is easy to cause sudden deafness.

Excessive mental stress is another major cause of hearing "loss" In the past, people who were over 40 years old because of excessive mental stress caused sudden deafness, and now they have spread to young and middle-aged people. According to Dr. Ge Xiaohui from the China Rehabilitation Research Center, there are two peak age groups for the ear disease due to competition factors: middle school students, college students and successful people aged 35-60. They all have a strong competitive psychology, and their energy is often in an overdraft state. If they are not tired enough for a long time, they will easily cause sudden deafness.

Unhealthy lifestyles are also one of the main causes of defamation. Some people play online games all the time, unrestrained clubbing, playing mahjong, making many people’s sleep seriously inadequate. Insufficient sleep is easy to make the blood vessels in a state of tension, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the inner ear, and has a strong lethal effect on hearing. Nowadays, mp3, mp4, video chat, and telephone headsets are popular among young people. As everyone knows, the eardrum is placed under these sound waves for a long time and is extremely vulnerable.

In addition, deafness caused by otitis media can not be ignored. Especially for young people who have more social entertainment, their lives are irregular, and the suppressed emotions are not released for a long time. It is easy to cause inner ear palsy and neurological deafness.

Preventing deafness is very important

For how to prevent deafness, Dr. Lin Yongdong from the Department of Otolaryngology, Xiaoshan Hospital of Zhejiang Province proposed the following suggestions:

1.Working in a noisy environment Personnel should pay attention to taking protective measures. First, companies must take protective measures. Workers themselves may consider wearing earplugs or cotton balls, etc., to properly protect the eardrum. Once the ear is found to be uncomfortable, be sure to seek medical advice in a timely manner and find a way to change to a quieter working environment.

2. Do not listen too long to digital products such as mp3, mp4, and excessive use of headphones, it will also cause chronic damage to hearing. If you really need to keep using your headphones, take a break for half an hour.

3. Prevent colds, and avoid possible causes of deafness, such as continuous staying up late or long periods of depression, excessive mental stress, must be adjusted and rest.

Finally, he reminded that if you find symptoms such as tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and hearing loss, you should go to the hospital for ENT.

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