Baby skin care products are not necessarily good for adults!

By | May 20, 2019

& ldquo; Baby is good, you use it! & rdquo;

I believe many people are no strangers to this ad for many years ago When people choose cleaning products or maintenance products, they will be misled by the above sentence. I think that as long as the baby can use the product must be the mildest and not irritating, it must be no problem. But this is quite a wrong idea!

In fact, the baby is not stimulated by hormonal changes in puberty after birth until puberty, so the sebaceous glands are not yet developed, so the baby is on the face, scalp, and chest. The skin structure of the back is different from that of the average adult. Therefore, there are many situations in which babies use good products. Generally, adults can not only be worse but worse. The following authors will give you some information that is often encountered in outpatient clinics for your reference:

1, sunscreen lotion: baby Because the sebaceous glands are not yet developed, it is not easy to grow acne acne at all! Therefore, the sunscreen designed for the baby is rarely considered to be “not acne”. Adults use baby-specific sunscreens often acne acne can not finish!

2, shampoo: baby’s scalp is not easy to produce oil, nor dandruff. If the adult is oily scalp or has dandruff, liposuction dermatitis, the baby’s shampoo is usually badly deteriorated!

3, face wash: baby’s skin is delicate and easy Damaged, so cleaning supplies are bound to be gentle. The problem is that if you are an adult who is prone to oily acne, washing your baby’s cleaning products is likely to be too weak.

So, baby is good, you don’t have to use it well! Everyone should have some basic maintenance knowledge is king.

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