Common clothes softener? Cancer climbs up

By | September 20, 2019

Many people like to use fabric softeners because it makes clothes soft, static, and smells fresher. However, the Canadian journal Nature Life magazine pointed out that fabric softeners contain a variety of toxic chemicals, which can cause dizziness, headache, organ damage and, in severe cases, damage to the central nervous system.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) data show that the fabric softener composition contains a variety of hazardous chemicals, including benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, limonene, Agarwood, chloroform, etc.

Benzyl acetate may cause pancreatic cancer, which can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract, cause coughing, and can be absorbed through the skin. Benzyl alcohol can stimulate the upper respiratory tract, cause central nervous system disorders, and cause headaches and nausea. Symptoms such as vomiting and decreased blood pressure.

Limonene is a known carcinogen that irritates the eyes and skin. The linalool has an anesthetic effect, which can cause central nervous system disorders and poor breathing. In animal tests, it can even lead to death of the test subject; Chloroform is a narcotic narcotic and carcinogenic substance that has been listed on the hazardous waste list by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

“Natural Life” points out that most of these chemicals are more dangerous when heated in a dryer. Since the softener will remain in the clothes, these chemicals are slowly released, infiltrating into the skin or entering the air. To make matters worse, most of the fabric softeners have added aroma to mask the chemical odor.

Long-term exposure to these chemicals is especially dangerous for children, the elderly and the sick, and can even cause permanent damage. Children may develop rashes, long periods of crying or diarrhea. Some researchers have even pointed out that some cases of sudden infant death are caused by allergic reactions, and children’s clothes and bedding washed with fabric softener are likely to be one of the causes of allergies.

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