20 Medical Mysteries and Miracles

The man who survived a 500-foot fall. The twin who lived inside his brothers belly for three decades. The toddler who doesn’t age. Medical history–recent and otherwise–is filled with jaw-dropping oddities, miraculous recoveries, and unsolved mysteries. There is more to these cases than shock value, however. What headlines call “miracles” are a testament to human… Read More »

Kim Kardashian Says She Has Body Dysmorphia, but What Does That Really Mean?

Kim Kardashian is all about a perfectly posed selfie and expertly contoured face. But even she experiences a self-esteem plunge when she hears negative comments about her body. On the most recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim opened up about the toll being in the public eye has had on her body image. In the episode, unretouched bikini photos… Read More »

12 Worst Habits For Your Mental Health

If you primarily use texting, Facebook, and other social media to stay in touch with friends, you’re not having meaningful contact—and chatting up the Starbucks barista every morning doesn’t count. “Facebook pages are entertainment,” Clay says. “These are not true conversations that allow us to understand people. Instead, it lessens our experiences and feelings.” Michael… Read More »

What Does It Mean to Have OCD? These Are 5 Common Symptoms

This article originally appeared on Time.com. Having obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) isn’t easy. The condition, marked by uncontrollable thoughts and behaviors, strikes about 2% of the general population—a figure that in the U.S. alone means nearly 6.5 million people. If you’ve made it past young adulthood without developing any symptoms, you’re likely in the clear.… Read More »

On the Job: 5-Minute Stress Busters

Jamie Rowland Lets be honest: Sometimes a day at work is just no fun, and the stress starts to take its toll. Your heart races, you break out in hives or a sweat, or you have a headache from all that silent screaming. Next time, try to head off that stress attack with these calming… Read More »

The Best Online Meditation Videos Under 10 Minutes

You exercise to keep yourself in shape physically, but what about staying balanced mentally? Meditation is an amazing way to get centered, and incorporating it into your daily routine can decrease stress and soothe anxiety. Even celebs love it, like singer and actress Victoria Justice, who claims meditating is one of the best things she… Read More »

Can Ovarian Cysts Actually Be Cancerous?

It’s possible, but here’s why you shouldn’t freak out. Can ovarian cysts be cancerous? Some can be, but the vast majority are not. Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs in or on the ovaries, and they fall into two general categories. The most common type, called functional cysts, occur as a normal part of the menstrual… Read More »

7 Best White Noise Machines for a Good Night’s Sleep

($100; amazon.com) The priciest of our picks, the Sound + Sleep offers a good deal of versatility. It can actually detect other noises in your environment (say, the neighbor’s howling dog, or a snorer down the hall) and adjust to mask them. The gadget also has a unique “richness” feature, which allows you to add… Read More »