note! Often “snake phone porridge” is prone to cataracts

By | May 19, 2019

Answering your phone too often can cause cataracts. Professor Yao Ke, director of the Institute of Ophthalmology, Zhejiang University, confirmed for the first time that the electromagnetic microwave generated in the cell phone reception will damage the lens of the eyeball and destroy the cell communication connection function.

This discovery has recently been published in the world’s most authoritative ophthalmology magazine, “Ophthalmology Vision Research.” The discovery also questioned the current international microwave safety standards, and the International Radiation Electromagnetic Association will now be able to re-establish safety standards for microwave radiation.

Questioning International Microwave Radiation Safety Standards

Is there a harm to mobile phones? This topic has been debated for a long time. Mobile phone manufacturers believe that mobile phone microwave radiation is harmless to the human body as long as it is controlled within the limits of internationally specified radiation safety standards, a specific absorption rate of 2 watts per kilogram.

The experiment of Yao Ke’s group has come to the conclusion that even if the mobile phone is used in the international radiation safety standard, long-term use still damages the human body such as the eyes.

This experiment was conducted silently for 8 years at the Microwave Laboratory of Zhejiang University. In the laboratory, a microwave generator provided by the United Nations constantly simulates the state of people receiving mobile phones under the safety radiation standard. Microwave intensity under the safety standard condition continued for two hours. After two hours, the lens bio-cell samples were not damaged. Under the microscope, the genes of their cell communication and connection functions were all mutated.

The lens of the eye and the testicles of the male are one of the most vulnerable organs of the human body to microwave damage. Therefore, when the mobile phone is used for a long time, it will cause irreversible damage to the tissue.

Finding noise can offset mobile phone hazards

Mobile users don’t have to worry too much about this conclusion. At present, Yao Ke’s group has found that using noise to interfere with mobile phone microwaves can successfully offset the damage of microwaves to human eye tissue.

Experimental argumentation, as long as a human-inaudible ultrasonic wave is superimposed as noise on the microwave of the mobile phone, the microwave emission order of the mobile phone can be changed, and the vibrating wave from one direction is changed into a kind. Unordered waves, counteracting its damage.

It is said that a communications company has expressed interest in this new discovery. The chief engineer of a communications company said that the cost of superimposed noise would not be too high and should be feasible.

Mobile phone users should not swear “Mobile porridge”

Yao Ke’s team used experiments to prove that continuous mobile phone calls for two hours must have damage to the lens of the eye. It is recommended that you do not swear “Mobile porridge”, the longest talk time is controlled as much as half an hour; microwaves are not only from mobile phones, microwave ovens are often produced. When the microwave oven rotates, if the mesh cover in the furnace is not good, people close to the observation, the exposed microwave may damage the lens of the eye.

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