Wash your face: “From the bottom up” Anti-Aging

By | May 19, 2019

Washing your face, a seemingly simple skin care step, is now a detail that many men and women are most concerned about. A good face wash method can not only clean, but also prevent aging.

Experts say that when washing your face, try to get used to pushing from bottom to top and try to reduce the squatting from top to bottom. This way is mainly because the pores of the whole face are long down. A washing method is most conducive to cleaning. However, the pores in the nose position grow up, so when you wash your nose, you should squat from top to bottom. The nose is the easiest to grow black, so you need to play a few more laps.

In addition, the reason for the bottom-up approach is that it can play a certain massage effect and fight against skin aging. Not only when washing your face, but also when you apply cream, many women can often rub their necks from bottom to top to fight the appearance of aging wrinkles on the face and neck.

Experts also reminded that you should wash your hands before washing your face, because your hands are more likely to touch dirt, and there are a lot of bacteria on it. If you don’t wash your hands, wash your face directly. On the one hand, you will waste facial cleanser. On the other hand, it is very likely Put the skin with bacteria and dust. Therefore, wash your hands before washing your face.

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