Cleaning your teeth can lower blood sugar

By | March 6, 2019

It is very common in patients with diabetes to develop oral diseases, especially in patients with severe diabetes who cannot control blood sugar by combination or injection of insulin. If oral care can be strengthened, oral diseases can be cured, and it can do more with less. Effect.

Xu Yuhui, director of the Department of Endocrinology, Xinqiao Hospital, Third Military Medical University, said that high blood sugar can cause microvascular disease, while oral and facial blood vessels are abundantly distributed. Therefore, after illness, it often causes dry mouth and mucous membrane of the lips and lips. Symptoms such as dry tongue and altered taste. Moreover, the risk of periodontal disease in diabetic patients is also greatly increased, often with symptoms such as congestion, swelling, calculus deposition, and loosening of the teeth.

A group observation of patients with clinical diabetes found that more than half of diabetic patients with poor glycemic control will develop oral disease. After treatment of oral diseases, the blood glucose levels of patients have decreased significantly, and nearly 20% of them have reduced the amount of oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin. Therefore, diabetic patients pay attention to oral care, and maintaining good oral health contributes to blood sugar control.

Xu Weihui suggested that patients with gum disease should be treated promptly, filling the teeth of the cavity, avoiding the spread of germs from the root canal to the tissue around the root tip, and the calculus should be treated with scaling or periodontal Surgical treatment of the inner wall of the bag, sputum resection, etc. (Zeng Li)

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