The throat tablets are not always included in one place

By | March 7, 2019

Contains a cool throat lozenge that quickly relieves discomfort from dry throat and itchy throat. For this reason, when excessive use of sputum, or throat discomfort due to cold, upper respiratory tract infection, a variety of throat tablets become the throat of the people “firefighting team”. However, the throat is good, after all, it is a tablet instead of a candy. Only use it properly. “Do your best”.

Many people like to keep the throat in the base of the tongue and throat, which will make the throat feel cooler. However, it should be noted that swallowing reflexes may occur when the throat is stimulated by foreign bodies. Improper operation may cause coughing, especially for the elderly or children. In addition, the throat tablets are released under the action of saliva, so as to release the active ingredients, so as to achieve the effect of relieving phlegm, reducing inflammation and relieving pain. In order to avoid the persistent stimulation of higher concentration of local mucosa, do not put on the throat tablets. It is placed in the same position in the mouth.

Some throat tablets contain iodine molecules, which have high activity and strong bactericidal power. When there is no obvious inflammation in the throat, but long-term use of throat tablets, it will inhibit the growth of normal bacteria in the mouth and throat, destroying the mouth. Internal environment. Therefore, people without significant inflammation are not suitable for use with such throat tablets. People who have oral dry mouth, long-term pain or burning in the mouth, red hair in the mouth, and white spot-like changes in the mouth should be used with caution.

There are two points to note: First, most throat tablets contain ingredients such as iodine molecules or borneol, which should be avoided during pregnancy or lactation. Second, iodine-containing throat tablets cannot be combined with cinnabar. Liushen Pills are served, because the divalent mercury in cinnabar can combine with iodine to form a mercury-containing toxic mercury salt precipitate, which may cause drug-induced enteritis. ▲

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