The risk of lung cancer in a pack of cigarettes per day increased by 7 to 13 times.

By | May 12, 2019

The reporter recently learned from the China Cancer Society’s “Lung Cancer Concern Month” series of activities that the incidence of lung cancer in China is about 34.7/100,000. The incidence rate of women is 13.4/100,000. As the number one malignant tumor, about 600,000 people die of lung cancer every year in China. Experts advise: a pack of cigarettes a day, the risk of lung cancer is 7 to 13 times higher than the normal population; the same smoking level, women have a lung cancer rate 1.5 times that of men. Therefore, smoking cessation is still the most effective way to stay away from lung cancer.

Professor Liao Meilin, chief expert of the Department of Thoracic Hospital of Jiaotong University School of Medicine, pointed out that 80% of male patients and 75% of female patients include smoking. There is a misunderstanding in society. I think that smoking does not cause cancer. In fact, 25% of patients who do not smoke but have lung cancer are caused by secondhand smoke. In addition to lung cancer, smoking can cause other malignant tumors such as stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer. According to the survey, 28% of all tumors are related to smoking more or less.

It is reported that in clinical lung cancer patients, 30% are early lung cancer and 70% are advanced lung cancer. Professor Wu Yilong, the chairman of the China Anti-Cancer Association, said that if lung cancer can be diagnosed early, its five-year survival rate can reach 70%, but the current five-year survival rate of Chinese patients is only 8%. For most patients with advanced disease, it is important to learn to “live with a tumor”. Experts say that the latest targeted drug therapy can effectively prolong the survival of patients, reduce the risk of death, and reduce symptoms such as cough, dyspnea, and pain.

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