Practical seven strokes Drinking does not hurt the liver

By | April 25, 2019

Chinese New Year, company banquets, business gatherings, family and friends are coming one after another, and the most important part of these banquets is “drinking”, even drinking at these dinners is more important than eating, as if leaving the wine If the relationship is intimate, the atmosphere will not be active, and the feelings will not be able to communicate. Many people have to drink too much alcohol because of the busy end of the year, and the end of the year is really a headache.

During the Spring Festival, friends and family rarely get together; after the Spring Festival, it is the peak period of visiting relatives and friends, pushing the cup for freedom. The characteristics of drinking in China are drinking hard alcohol and drinking white wine. When the weather is cold, people often drink a few glasses of wine to warm up the body and think that drinking can keep out the cold. This kind of understanding is actually a misunderstanding. The Chinese have no custom of drinking and not letting people worry. How can you drink alcohol and contact your feelings without hurting your body? Teach you a few tricks:

1. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach: drink a glass of milk or yogurt before drinking, or eat a few slices of bread, do not drink on an empty stomach, so as not to stimulate the gastric mucosa;

2.B Family vitamins: It is estimated that drinking alcohol for a long time, taking vitamin B family in advance until the entertainment is gradually reduced to protect the liver. You can also consciously eat more foods rich in vitamin B family liver, pig, beef and mutton, egg yolk, vegetables, oats and other coarse grains to increase the Vb content in the body;

3. Drink more boiled water: when drinking white wine, Drink plenty of boiled water to facilitate alcohol excretion with urine as soon as possible; when drinking beer, you should go to the toilet; it is best to add ice when drinking spirits;

4. Avoid booze: drink should not be too fast Should drink slowly, let the body have time to decompose the body’s ethanol. Drink a few cups or a boring drink on the wine table;

5. Eat more green leafy vegetables: Eat green leafy vegetables when drinking, where antioxidants and vitamins can protect the liver;

6 Eat more soy products: Eat more soy products when drinking, where lecithin has the effect of protecting the liver;

7. Don’t drink carbonated drinks: Do not drink carbonated drinks, such as cola or soda, when drinking, so as not to Speed ​​up the body’s absorption of alcohol.

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