A lifetime fitness program

By | May 15, 2019

A training specialist in the United States recently designed a fitness program that will last a lifetime, so that you can find a health-conscious person from the twenties to the earliest year. Movement mode. Let you benefit from sports. The specific plan is as follows:

Twenties: You can choose high-impact aerobics, running or boxing. For your body, the benefits are that you can burn a lot of calories, strengthen your muscles, and improve your energy, endurance and hand-eye coordination. Psychologically, these sports can help you relieve external stress, let you temporarily forget the daily chores and gain a sense of accomplishment.

Thirty years old: It is recommended to choose rock climbing, skateboarding, ice skating or martial arts to exercise. In addition to losing weight, these exercises enhance muscle elasticity, especially the hips and legs; they also contribute to vitality, endurance, and improve your sense of balance, coordination and sensitivity. Psychologically, rock climbing can cultivate a meditation-like focus to help you build confidence and strategic thinking; skating is pleasant, sensational, and unpleasant; martial arts helps you stay calm, self-reliant and alert in conflicts. Increase the level of concentration.

Forty years old: Choose low-impact aerobics, travel, climb stairs, tennis and more. The advantage to the body is that it can increase physical strength and strengthen the lower body muscles, especially the legs. It can be sweating and fitness like climbing stairs, and it is suitable for busy city workers to practice near the day. Tennis is a very suitable whole body exercise, which can increase the sensitivity and coordination of various parts of the body, keeping people energetic, and the pressure on joints is not as great as running and high-impact aerobic exercise.

Fifties: Suitable sports include swimming, weight training, boating, and golf. Swimming can effectively strengthen the muscles and elasticity of all parts of the body, and because of the buoyancy support of water, it is not as difficult as the exercise on the land, especially for the convalescent, pregnant, rheumatologists and older people. Weight training can strengthen the muscles, strengthen the bone density; improve other sports ability; while playing golf, if you can walk on your own, self-back pockets, and speed up the pace, often have the effect of stabilizing the heart. Psychologically, swimming has both a sense of excitement and calmness. Concentrated watering makes people forget about chores. Weight training helps to improve self-image satisfaction, so that stress and irritability are vented with sweat; team teaming can cultivate synergy and teamwork. Spirit; playing golf can make people more focused and more self-disciplined.

Sixty years old or older: Introduce more walking, ballroom dancing, yoga or water aerobics. Walking can strengthen the legs and help prevent osteoporosis and joint tension; social dance can enhance the rhythm, coordination and elegance of the whole body, which is very suitable for people who do not exercise regularly; yoga can make the whole body more elastic and balanced; It can prevent physical injuries; aerobic in the water mainly enhances muscle strength and body elasticity, and is suitable for obesity, pregnant women or the elderly.

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