Be careful! “Housewife’s hand” must wash hands less

By | May 15, 2019

Affin works in the bank, every day ” banknotes to the banknotes. Affin’s mother is an old nurse. She must remember to wash her hands after she has ordered her money every day.

Affin has always peeled off his skin, and this autumn and winter is particularly noticeable. Looking at the finger that wiped a half bottle of moisturizing cream, Affin decided to go to the doctor.

The doctor asked: “What do you do for work?” & rdquo; & ldquo; bank teller. & rdquo; The doctor asked: “Do you wash your hands often?” Affin nodded. So, the doctor told her: “This refers to palm keratosis, also known as & lsquo; housewife hand & rsquo;. You are washing your hands too hard, your hands become like this. ”

Detergent wash away the stratum corneum

The doctor explained: “The palm of the skin is commonly known as <; housewife hand & rsquo;, that is, the housewife usually touches too much hands Detergents such as soaps, soaps, hand sanitizers, and detergents wash away the protective stratum corneum of the hands. & rdquo;

& ldquo; skin cuticle has the function of locking water, reducing water evaporation, especially in autumn and winter, the weather is dry, water is more likely to evaporate, so the symptoms are getting worse. ”

“I have been doing housework for so many years. When I was young, my hands were fine. In the past two years, when I arrived in the fall, my hands began to dry and peel, what is going on? & rdquo; Affin mother still does not understand.

& ldquo; This is because finger palm keratosis is not only related to contact with detergent, but also related to endocrine changes, estimated to be related to the reduction of thyroxine and the decrease of estrogen level. Therefore, many women who are in menopause or near menopause are also prone to this problem. & rdquo; The doctor replied.

The key to treating a housewife’s hand is patience

Affin is now most concerned about how to treat it. The doctor said: “To cure & lsquo; housewife hand & rsquo;, usually avoid contact with detergent, as little as possible to contact with water is the key, otherwise, the latter treatment is empty talk. In addition, it can be combined with topical drugs that can enhance skin healing function and promote skin repair, such as cod liver oil ointment and urea ointment. However, these patients are only suitable for patients with mild symptoms, such as dry hands and severe cleft palate, they should be combined with oral medications, such as vitamins A, D, E, etc.; if the condition is stubborn, oral retinoids should be taken, and appropriate supplements should be considered. Related hormones, such as estrogen. ”

“However, no matter which treatment is used, patients need to have enough patience. Because on the one hand, this disease is prone to recurrence; on the other hand, some people have a slow onset of treatment, they must adhere to treatment, and they can not receive it, otherwise they will give up. ”

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