There are cracks in the hands and feet, now you have to prevent

By | May 13, 2019

Once in the fall, the weather is getting colder, especially after the white dew, and the air is getting dry. At the beginning, people will feel that the secretions of the pharynx and nasal cavity are reduced. When they wake up in the morning, the scorpion is like a piece of casserole. The first reaction is to drink saliva. During this period, people’s respiratory tract is most vulnerable to wind, cold, dryness and other external evils, manifested as cough, oysters, and sometimes nosebleeds. At the same time, the skin also feels tight, and even appears to have desquamation, chapped lips, long nails, “barbs”, etc., severe cases of cracks and bleeding in the hands and feet, which is the cleft palate. The elderly are especially frequent.

And the fall belongs to the stage of “yang yin and yin”, and it is very important to follow the rules of nature to protect the opponent’s feet.

First of all, the diet should be rich, should eat a lot of protein-rich foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water. Especially eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as leek, carrots, milk, cabbage, fennel, spinach, animal liver and so on. This keeps the skin hydrated and elastic.

Secondly, people who have obvious dry skin every autumn and winter should pay attention to the moisturizing and warmth of the skin from the beginning of autumn, and insist on bathing with warm water and soaking the feet. After that, be sure to rub the oyster sauce and glycerin. Oily skin care products such as white vaseline.

After labor or exercise, you should also dry the sweat as soon as possible to avoid direct exposure of the skin to the dry air, causing the skin to lose moisture, become rough, and even chapped. People who wash their hands frequently because of their work needs should also dry and apply skin care products after washing their hands.

If you have been troubled by cleft palate, you must actively protect and treat your skin. Chinese medicine believes that the cleft palate is caused by cold and bloody skin and loss of skin. Treatment can be used to nourish blood, phlegm and moisturizing drugs, such as oral gelatin cream, and with fumigation and application. Fumigation can be used for psoralen 15g, red peony 10g, hive 20g, Kochia scoparia 10g, ground bone 10g, decoction, take the liquid, soak the affected area for 20 minutes, the temperature is maintained at 50 & mdash; 60 degrees Celsius, then washed with hot water The liquid medicine, a little white Yunnan powder is sprinkled on the wound wet painkiller paste, attached to the affected area, once a day, for 10 days. There are many types of plasters, such as white peony cream, rhubarb licorice cream, and two white rhubarb creams, which can be dispensed at pharmacies.

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