7 life remedies for dry eyes

By | April 20, 2019

remedy one: hot towel for 10 minutes

Expert reminder: hot compress can promote blood circulation in the eye, help the recovery of meibomian gland function, prevent sputum Glandular dysfunction leads to dry eyes.

remedy 2: eye drops

Experts advise: whether the eye drops can moisturize, depends on two points, one is the syrup ingredient, and the other is the frequency of the drops. Eye drops of certain ingredients are not suitable for healthy eyes. If there is eye disease, symptomatic treatment is more necessary. A suitable eye drop is too diligent and may hurt your eyes.

remedies three: often drink green tea, oolong tea or Tieguanyin

Experts remind: tea is rich in carotene, can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, vitamin A for people who often come into contact with computers Health care can not only reduce the damage of computer radiation to the human body, but also prevent dry eye syndrome.

remedy four: yawning, containing sour plum

Expert reminder: It is feasible to use yawning and tearing, but it is not possible to fight. Some people have reported that it is a good way to stimulate the tears in the mouth.

remedy five: eye exercises

Experts remind: can promote eye blood circulation, reduce eye fatigue.

remedy six: eye cream

Expert reminder: not all eye creams can moisturize, some inferior or special ingredients eye cream may also irritate the eyes. Pay attention to the ingredients of eye cream. Do not use it.

remedy seven: warm water to rinse your eyes

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