Chinese medicine don’t always drink

By | May 22, 2019

“ medicine is good, hurry and drink! & rdquo; This is the experience of many people drinking Chinese medicine, then, is there any reason for this? Zhang Yatong, a clinical pharmacist of the Pharmacy Department of the Beijing Hospital of the Ministry of Health, introduced to the reporter of Life Times: “Although many Chinese medicines require warm clothes, not all of them are. There are many soups that are to be cooled and then drunk. ”

The traditional Chinese medicine theory is very particular about the temperature of oral decoction. There are more than ten kinds of light service methods. There are three kinds of water temperature: warm clothes, hot clothes and cool clothes.

The general Chinese medicine decoction should be “warm clothes”, that is, the medicine soup is immediately filtered out after boiling, and dried at room temperature to 30 ° C & mdash; 37 ° C when drinking; pills, scattered in the middle The medicine should be delivered in warm water, which is also a kind of warm clothes. Chinese medicine that disperses cold and cold, should be “hot clothes”, and can eat hot porridge and hot water after serving to help the drug. The detoxification and heat-clearing drugs, especially the traditional Chinese medicine for summer heat, are “cold clothes”. In the south of China, some of the “fresh teas” that are often taken in the summer are actually one of the traditional Chinese medicines. As the name implies, many herbal teas are cooled and drunk, and the effect of cooling and cooling is better.

For Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine has an old saying, called “Yang disease hot clothes, Yin disease cold clothes”. Therefore, the cold clothes and hot clothes should be analyzed according to the situation, the medicine for treating fever can be cold clothes, and the treatment for cold syndrome should be hot clothes. The patient can grasp the temperature of the medication according to his or her own situation. In general, patients with “yang disease” often show heat syndrome, which will manifest as fever, thirst, dry stool, short yellow urine, red tongue, yellow tongue coating, fast pulse, etc.; and “disease & rdquo; more manifestations of cold syndrome, aversion to cold fever, no sweat, cold abdominal pain, cold limbs, pale tongue, thin white fur.

Finally, in the traditional Chinese medicine prescription, there is a small trick, in general, called “total” (such as “Linzhitang”, etc.), most of the hot clothes, and called “drink” & rdquo; (such as Dayuan drink) most need cool clothes. Zhang Yatong said: “There is a certain reason, because the ancient Chinese soup and drink itself are distinguished by temperature. However, for the sake of caution, it is best for patients to ask the relevant Chinese medicine practitioners after the medicine is opened. Take the method to prevent deviations. ”

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