Beautiful blue reminder: use the toilet water in summer to pay attention to 4 major misunderstandings

By | June 12, 2019

Summer people use toilet water to repel mosquitoes, itch and deodorize, but if used improperly, it will not only harm the health of the body, but also be fatal. There are four main misunderstandings.

misunderstanding: excess

To avoid mosquito bites, often applied in the toilet water down many respective parts of the body.

But in doing so, some people may have symptoms of itching and cold sweating, so the amount of dew should be appropriate to avoid adverse reactions.

Myth 2: Use after dermatitis

Toilet water contains a component called “Immunine” which can make mosquitoes lose consciousness of human bites. If you apply scented water after suffering from dermatitis, not only can you not treat dermatitis, “Immunine” ingredients can cause allergic reactions to the skin and aggravate the symptoms of dermatitis.

Patients with dermatitis can drip 4-5 drops of toilet water on the electric mosquito-repellent tablets to both repel mosquitoes and avoid skin allergies.

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