Nine strokes! Easily remove computer crisis

By | June 1, 2019

Computer radiation is a long-term and serious problem. Let’s see what we have prepared for you to radiate.

computer radiation —- computer 4-6 hours a day to remember people off the computer

sleep at noon when a must-see if you often feel head heavy or memory loss it ?

When you sleep, remember to turn off the computer, not just turn off the screen, because only turning off the screen can not stop the radiation, and we are all sleeping, head straight Against the computer, it’s too late to get dementia or brain tumors! The radiation is really terrible!! Be careful~ Health is more important than everything!

The killer of the computer family—thoracic exit

You often sit at the computer desk, if you sit for hours and sit incorrectly, you always feel inexplicable pain in your shoulders and neck, or even work unintentionally? Now please take a quiz, please Look at the left side of your head, then slowly bend your head 45 degrees down. Do you feel that your neck and shoulders feel abnormal pain? If you have the above symptoms, you can Be careful, because you are likely to get the modern computer civilization disease “thorax “The victims mouth syndrome.

The killer turned out to be "computer"

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