Four kinds of water can never get up in the morning

By | May 8, 2019

Drinking water early is always considered a healthy lifestyle, but not all water can get up early, have you noticed?

Long-term boiling water

After boiling water for a long time, the nitrogen-containing organic matter will be continuously decomposed into nitrite. Especially for boiling water that has been stored for a long time, it is inevitable that there is bacterial contamination. At this time, the decomposition of nitrogen-containing organic matter is accelerated, and the production of nitrite is more. After drinking such water, the combination of nitrite and hemoglobin will affect the oxygen transport function of the blood. >>What to drink in the first cup of the morning

So, the ingredients in the thermos, the boiling water for many days, the residual water that has been boiled many times, and the water that has been boiling on the stove for a long time, have changed. Can’t drink. You should drink water that is boiled for no more than 24 hours. In addition, all kinds of pure water and mineral water in bottles and drums should not be stored for too long. Large bottles or barrels of pure water and mineral water should not be consumed for more than 3 days.


Some people think that drinking salt water is good for your health, so drinking salt water in the morning is a mistake. Drinking light salt water is good for health, which is necessary for replenishing water after sweating in the summer. It is not only beneficial for morning water supplementation, but also a misconduct that is harmful to health.

Physiological studies suggest that people do not drink drip during sleep all night, but breathing, perspiration, and urinary dysfunction are in progress, and these physiological activities consume a lot of water. When getting up in the morning, the blood has become concentrated. At this time, if you drink a certain amount of boiled water, the blood can be diluted quickly, and the hypertonic dehydration at night can be corrected. Drinking salt water instead of aggravating hypertonic dehydration makes it easy to dry. Moreover, the morning is the first peak of the rise in blood pressure in the human body. Drinking salt and boiling water will make blood pressure higher and endanger health.


It is best not to drink commercially available juices, colas, sodas, coffee, milk, etc. in the first cup of water in the morning. Most carbonated beverages such as soda and cola contain citric acid, which accelerates the excretion of calcium during metabolism and lowers the calcium content in the blood. Long-term drinking can lead to calcium deficiency. Other beverages are good for urination. Drinking in the morning can not effectively replenish the water that the body lacks. It also increases the collective demand for water, which in turn causes water shortage in the body.

Juice, milk, and coffee should not be used as the first drink in the morning, because these substances can not provide the most needed water at this time, and the body will let the stomach in the absence of water. Digestion and absorption work is not conducive to the health of the body.

Tap water

Some people are used to getting up in the morning to open the tap and take a cup of tap water to drink. This is not right. The tap water in the faucet and the water pipe that is deactivated overnight is static. These water and metal pipe walls and the metal chamber of the faucet will produce hydration reaction, forming metal-contaminated water, and the residual microorganisms in the tap water will also multiply. A large number of substances harmful to the human body may also harbor an acute respiratory infectious disease & mdash; Legionella that threatens human health.

Therefore, in the morning, the tap is unscrewed, and the tap water that originally flows out is non-drinkable stagnant water, so those who have this habit should correct it immediately so as not to damage their health.

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