alert! Small symptoms that may be necessary for our lives at any time

By | May 21, 2019

Life is becoming more and more convenient, technology is becoming more developed, and diseases are increasing. We have been working hard all the way to this day, and as long as a serious illness, it has almost been destroyed. However, if it is not advanced, cancer may be cured. Therefore, if you discover the bud of the disease in time, then the chance to remove it is even greater.

1. sleep drool, just lovely

You’ll drool and I am sorry for you when you sleep? This is not cute or unsanitary so simple. It may be caused by your neuromodulation disorder. The regulation of salivation is completely neuroreflexive. It is often said that “Wangmei quenches thirst” is an example of the secretion of conditional reflex saliva in daily life. In addition, the hygiene in the mouth is not cleaned, and drooling can occur. The temperature and humidity in the mouth are most suitable for the reproduction of bacteria, inflammation, drooling, and reminding you, be careful about periodontal disease, go to the dentist!

2. The feet are swollen? Don’t underestimate

Recently the foot is swollen, accompanied by itching … … this seemingly common symptom can not be underestimated. It is very likely to say to you “Your vein has a problem!” The foot is swollen, often caused by venous embolism. If you see a doctor in time, nothing will happen. Otherwise, it may cause swelling of the lower extremities, or even Causes pulmonary embolism and affects your life. Some small blood vessels in the vein are blocked, and the blood is not returning smoothly, and the symptoms of swollen feet will occur. So you can’t take it lightly. If your feet are swollen, you can’t just retreat through massage. Instead, if you become more and more serious, you should pay great attention.

3. Behind the scenes of vision loss

The recent work is busy to vomit, you work overtime all night and night, and your vision is significantly reduced. You have to be careful! The eyes often make flowers, the eyes are dry, and they can’t see things. This is a sign of liver weakness. If you press the button around the liver, there will be a feeling of bloating, and in all likelihood, the liver has a problem. At this time, in addition to timely medical treatment, we must also pay attention to eye hygiene, do not let the eyes too tired, improper use of the eyes will affect the liver.

4. Scar changes, bad signs

If you have some chronic skin diseases, such as burns or keloids after trauma, or chronic dermatitis, etc., some recent unexplained Change, you must be vigilant. If treated, these lesions will increase, or ulceration, hardening, thickening, deepening of pigmentation, hyperkeratosis or even bleeding. At this time, you should be alert to the possibility of skin cancer. Also, if there are some hard bulging small bumps on the skin, and you still can’t go down, you must go to the specialist hospital for examination.

5. Be careful of your drooping eyelids

Just 30 years old, mature and sexy age, how the eyelids are getting thicker and thicker, and suddenly there is some sagging? You have to worry, Can’t just think of going to a beauty salon, it is an early symptom of many diseases. “Myasthenia gravis” is a harbinger of this disease is the slow eyelid drooping. First, one eye, followed by the other, light in the morning, heavy in the evening, and obviously volatility within one day. More serious and terrible are intracranial aneurysms. If your drooping eyelids are one-sided, sudden, and the pupils are dilated, you should go to the neurology department immediately. It sounds a bit horrible.

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