Sleeping position is very important. Serious consequences of wrong sleeping position

By | March 4, 2019

Everyone knows that long-term sleep and rest can improve our body quality, but in daily life, we don’t pay attention to our body health. Instead, we are not good for our body. Everyone needs to pay attention to some ways of sleeping, and many sleep. The posture can cause adverse consequences, so sleeping and sleeping early will not be cosmetic.

Serious consequences of 4 kinds of bad sleeping postures

1, sideways sleeping & mdash; — wrinkles deepening

This sleeping position is conducive to maintaining the normal physiological curve of the spine and reducing Pressure on the back and neck reduces sleep apnea. However, the side lying can cause excessive pressure on the eyes, nose and lips, and increase the smile and crow’s feet. The effect of gravity also causes sagging of the chest and facial muscles.

2, 蜷成团—— hunchback

Many people are used to huddle like a baby when they sleep, although it will make people feel comfortable for a while, but it will give time for a long time. Pressure on the back and head and neck, causing habitual hunchback, while breathing during sleep will also be affected, may cause insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, should try to avoid sleeping for a long time.

3, sleep and mdash; & mdash; spine deformation

This sleeping position is not conducive to the health of the spine. Because of the squat, the physiological curvature of the spine is not supported by the bed, which may cause low back pain and distortion. If the face is sleeping down, the skin will rub against the pillow, causing the skin to become dehydrated or wrinkled, and also affect breathing. In addition, sleeping on the bed will put more pressure on the neck.

4, both hands up — — shoulder stiffness

This kind of “surrender” sleeping position has advantages and disadvantages. The supine itself can prevent the wrinkles and acne caused by the contact between the face and the pillow, but the shoulder muscles will be pulled when the hands are lifted. When the time is long, the shoulder nerves will be pressed. People with shoulder pain symptoms should avoid sleeping like this. .

So, what kind of sleeping position is the correct posture for beauty?

The best sleeping position is half-side, that is, the body and bed maintain a tilt angle of 30°~40° It can not only ensure the blood circulation of the whole body, but also relax the body and mind without squeezing the face to cause wrinkles. If you are not used to lying on your side, you can use a quilt or a small pillow under the lower back and hips, or use a soft silk pillowcase to take the full lateral position to reduce facial compression.

Usually you need to pay attention to your sleeping position, and you should pay attention to sleeping sideways, which will lead to deeper wrinkles, but for pregnant women, sleeping sideways, there are certain benefits for the fetus, usually you need to pay attention to sleeping posture, Correcting these bad postures can improve our sleep quality and contribute to skin health. I hope everyone pays attention to these problems.

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