Health Wonk Review for March 26, 2015

By | March 28, 2015

Jennifer Salopek over at Wing of Zock says the latest edition of Health Wonk Review is all about taking a break to read a little health policy. (Wait? There people out there who don’t follow health policy 24/7?)

Anyway, the Spring Break theme makes sense to us for another reason. It seems like there’s finally a lull in the non-stop coverage of King v. Burwell and Obamacare “repeal and replace” efforts. This week’s edition has just one post about repeal efforts and nothing about the SCOTUS case!

In case our bias isn’t crystal clear – we actually love the Obamacare stuff. So here’s what we found most juicy in this week’s HWR:

There’s much more in this edition that’s you should also check out, including a look at the sustainable growth rate legislation moving – yes, actually moving – through Congress, and some exciting news at InsureBlog about a game-changing Alzheimer’s treatment. Over at Health Care Renewal, Roy Poses has  some thoughts about why it’s time to “restore leadership of health care to people who actually understand health care.”

David Williams at Health Business Blog explains why the pricing of Gilead’s Sovaldi medication for Hepatitis C is a “textbook example of price discrimination in action.” Charles Roehrig, posting at Health Affairs explains “What Is Behind The Post-Recession Bend In The Health Care Cost Curve?” And Julie Ferguson at Workers’ Comp Insider looks at what we’ve learned in the 10 years since a BP refinery explosion that killed 15 in Texas City.

Next up for HWR? Joe Paduda hosts HWR over at Managed Care Matters on April 23. See you then.

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