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How to Avoid Technology-Related Stress

We like to think our high-tech tools are helping us get more done faster, thanks to our 24/7 access to information and other people. And, yes, technology has considerable upsides: Staying in touch with far-flung loved ones is easier than ever, and “theres tremendous efficiency when it comes to work, like exchanging information and collaborating,”… Read More »

Stand Up for Your Health

Are you sitting down? Perfect. Please take a moment to check in with your body. Is your rear kind of numb? Do the backs of your thighs feel smushed? Is your lower back all crunched? This is your body crying out for help! Really. A wave of new research indicates that sitting all day is… Read More »

5 Healing Effects of Lavender

1 of 7 Unique uses for the purple plant by Leslie Barrie From Health magazine Discover how to use this soothing herb to calm your stomach, mind, and skin. Watch the video: Honey-Roasted Peaches With Lavender   Next: Fight dandruff

Like your grandmothered health plan?

[Editor’s note:  This post was originally published in October 2014, but was updated in September 2015 to reflect additional or changed regulations in some states.] As we head into the fourth quarter of the year, policy cancellations are once again in the news – although certainly not as much as they were two years ago.  The… Read More »

So many coverage options, so much ACA hate

Last spring, Republican Texas U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate Ted Cruz – the same guy who spearheaded the October 2013 shutdown of the U.S. federal government in a futile effort to stop the Affordable Care Act’s private health insurance exchanges from being launched – caught a lot of ridicule and mocking when he announced that… Read More »

15 Things That Happen After a Breast Reduction

1 of 17 The truth about breast reductions by Maria Masters Back in your training bra days, you may have wished for larger breasts—but busty women know that big boobs can bring on big health problems, like back injuries, shoulder and neck pain, and nerve compression. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,… Read More »

13 ‘Healthy’ Swaps That Can Backfire

1 of 15 Health swaps that aren’t by Linda Melone Losing weight, boosting your energy, eating better: Whatever your health goals may be, dropping bad behaviors and replacing them with healthier ones is the first step to achieving them. Sometimes, though, your “better” choice has its own downsides—and may not actually be good for you… Read More »

21 Reasons You’ll Live Longer Than Your Friends

1 of 23 Live smarter to live longer by Michael De Medeiros When we’re young, we all believe we’re going to live forever. But as we age, most of us realize that’s not the case. What’s more, it becomes clear that the choices we make can have an impact on how long we live. While… Read More »