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50 Ways to Use All of Your Vacation Days This Year

This article originally appeared on   operation-vacation-logo.jpg America has a vacation problem. Or a not-taking-vacation problem, to be more precise. Last year, 54 percent of U.S. workers left an astounding 662 million vacation days unused, according to The State of American Vacation study from Project: Time Off. The reason why all of those days… Read More »

Why Do I Hate the Sound of My Own Voice?

This article originally appeared on  Have you ever recoiled at the sound of your own voicemail greeting, startled by what should be the most familiar of voices—your own? If so, then you’re not alone. It’s common to dislike the way your voice sounds in recordings, experts say. Here’s why. You hear your own voice… Read More »

U.S. College Student Released From North Korea Has ‘Extensive Loss of Brain Tissue’ and ‘No Signs of Understanding Language,’ Say Doctors

This article originally appeared on The 22-year-old college student who was released from imprisonment in North Korea in a coma likely suffered from cardiopulmonary arrest, which resulted in “extensive loss of brain tissue,” according to his doctors at the University of Cincinnati Health, who added that he shows “no signs of understanding language.” In a press… Read More »

Cases of Legionnaires’ Disease Are Occurring Across the U.S. What Is It, and Are You at Risk?

You’ve probably been seeing an increase in Legionnaires’ disease coverage in the news lately. Legionnaires’ was blamed for the illnesses of four L.A. Fitness gym members in Florida late last month, and a New York City police officer is currently in the hospital recovering from Legionnaires’ as well. (Fellow cops were warned not to shower at a precinct in East Harlem, where traces of the… Read More »

How to Use a Mantra to Make Meditation Way Easier 

No question about it: meditation can be challenging. For many people, sitting calmly and letting go of negative thoughts comes totally naturally. But for others, clearing the brain of daily chaos and stress can be nearly impossible. If you fall into the latter category, you may want to consider using a mantra. A… Read More »