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A Smart Guide To Scary Chemicals

“Scientists issue warning over chemicals in carpets, coats, cookware.” “chemicals in pizza boxes may be health risk.” Headlines like these make you want to curl up on the sofa and never leave the house—except that couch! Chances are it’s loaded with toxic chemicals, too. As a savvy, health-conscious (and, OK, slightly worry-prone) woman, how are… Read More »

4 Ways Your Pet Makes Your Life Better

Just as human friends can make you happy in the deepest ways, so too can the furry variety, research shows. “One of my earliest studies found that dog owners are as emotionally close to their dogs as they are to their closest family member,” says Sandra Barker, PhD, professor of psychiatry at Virginia Commonwealth University… Read More »

7 Subtle Signs You’re Burned-Out

When Tess Kearns and her husband started an all-natural catering company in Chicago last year, the responsibilities of running a new business and raising two kids were super-consuming. “I found myself with a late mortgage and not enough business and racing to learn new skills to keep it all going,” says Tess. “But I didn’t… Read More »

20 Habits That Make You Miserable Every Winter

1 of 22 Beat the winter blues by Sarah Amandolare Let’s face it: Unless you’re a ski bum, winter’s frigid temps and shorter days can really bring on the blues. “The cold and gray present significant challenges to all of us,” says Carol Ewing Garber, PhD, an exercise physiologist and professor of movement sciences at… Read More »

How to Keep a Super-Clean House

You’ve worked hard to make your house a beautiful, peaceful haven—but even super-tidy homes can harbor unwelcome germs. In fact, “you’re more likely to get sick from a germ in your own house than from any other source,” says Kelly A. Reynolds, PhD, an environmental microbiologist at the University of Arizona. But, not to worry:… Read More »

How to Clean Your House in a Hurry

Companys coming, and your house is a mess? No worries. Follow this advice from Julie Edelman, author of The Accidental Housewife, and youll have a neat, party-ready place in no time. Get out the basketsIts OK to hide stuff in plain sight (i.e., magazines in a basket near the sofa, remote controls in a basket… Read More »

29 Gifts For People Who Can’t Live Without Coffee

1 of 31 For caffeine addicts only by Leslie Barrie and Kathleen Mulpeter If you (or your friend) just can’t go on without coffee, then this is your place for java-inspired gift ideas—whether you’re looking for fun mugs, quality beans, or pretty pour-over coffee makers. Now get brewing! Next: Grady’s Cold Brew kit

Keep Your Kitchen Clean, Healthy, and Safe

1 of 8 How clean is your kitchen? From Health magazine Most at-home cooks probably feel pretty confident that they know how to handle raw foods, avoid germs and bacteria, and generally keep their kitchen spick-and-span. But a closer look at their cutting boards—and hands—might suggest otherwise. As a Health.com poll of some 400 readers… Read More »

How to Clean Everything Better

1 of 13 Disinfect the healthy way by Michelle Hainer From Health magazine You know it’s out there: dust, grunge, and grime that set up camp all over your house, on your sponge, in your handbag, and, yep, even on you. But how the heck do you give dirt and germs the boot in healthy,… Read More »

Hoda Kotb: "Suddenly Life’s Not So Scary"

Her first name means “guidance” in Arabic, but Hoda Kotb’s most defining quality might just be resilience. At 51, the Egyptian-American journalist has survived divorce and breast cancer, not to mention reporting on war zones and natural disasters. While millions tune in to watch her on TV (NBC, 10 a.m. EST), Hoda often looks to… Read More »