Pay attention to the early morning “danger warning”

At the moment, it is the high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Please pay attention to the following two points: middle-aged and elderly friends: Morning dizziness: Under normal circumstances, you should feel clear-headed when you get up in the morning. If the mind is groggy or dizzy after morning, the patient may have cervical… Read More »

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Want to sing when you sing K? Eat a pear first!

In an interview with TV and newspaper reporters, the players revealed that eating a pear before the game is their “secret weapon”, the pear can play the effect of unvoiced sound At the same time, they can also add energy to them and ease tension. Zhang Suge, a nutritionist at the Third People’s Hospital of… Read More »

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Simple and easy to do fattening method

Summer has arrived, which is an annoyance for a friend who is too thin. Here are 4 simple ways to increase fat to give you fat! The so-called fattening method 4 is very simple: TANG TANG TANG TANG (with yin and yang). TANG(汤): So it is said that the southerners will be well-maintained because they… Read More »

Table newspapers on the table to eat easily poisoned

Health risks are everywhere. When eating, using a newspaper pad to smother the table, this accumulation of poison to a certain amount will cause great harm to health. A lot of people have this experience: in order to not stain the table when eating, they put a few newspapers on the table. There are still… Read More »

Clothing ph value is too high to cause cancer!

Many of China’s standards are translated directly from experienced countries. The regulations are perfect, but the implementation is not enough. In foreign countries, even if there is a problem with the product, even the company may have to close the door; but Chinese companies rarely have this situation, and most of the clothing that has… Read More »

Treatment of frostbite nine prescriptions

Hawthorn (aka 654-2): 5-10 mg per day 654-2 tablets, 3 times a day; or intramuscular injection of 654-2 injections, 10 mg each time, one 2 times a day, 10 days for a course of treatment. 654-2 can also be made into 0.3%-0.5% ointment, applied to the affected area, 1 & mdash; 2 days dressing once,… Read More »

Summer saves 4 major health crises

Summer is like a combination of angels and demons, letting you hide the health crisis —— the inevitable sunshine, the airy in the office, the delicious but cold stomach —— The seemingly ordinary factors are threatening your health at all times, and you lose everything. As everyone knows, no health, beauty and where to talk… Read More »

Don’t let the tumor block the road of “pregnancy”

Uterine fibroids may cause infertility, but as long as the treatment is appropriate, many women can still be a good mother. Moreover, uterine fibroids can be removed at the same time as cesarean section to reduce the damage to the body from multiple operations. & ldquo;Close the door to drive & rdquo; Xiao Ping 4… Read More »

Clothes do not wash for two days: bacteria turn four times

The more jeans, the more punk, the better, the dirty stains look cooler, so some young jeans often wash once a few days or even a few weeks, but this habit It is very unsanitary because the bacteria multiply and threaten your health. Professor Guan Yuanzhi, a microbiologist at Peking Union Medical College, said that… Read More »