5 Solar Eclipse Memes We Can’t Stop Laughing About

By | August 23, 2017

Got eclipse fatigue? These hilarious parodies are just what you need.

ICYMI, America basically hit pause yesterday to gaze up at the total solar eclipse, the first to sweep across the country from coast to coast in 99 years. Twitter buzzed with excitement about the once-in-a-lifetime experience, and Instagram nearly imploded with photos of onlookers sporting protective glasses.

But the celestial event of the century also left some wondering, “Was that…it?” And clever memes parodying the event (think puppies and doughnuts as stand-ins for the sun and moon) began to go viral. Whether or not you were among those suffering eclipse fatigue, we have a feeling these clips will make you LOL all the same. Here, five memes that were almost as entertaining as the eclipse itself.


One Twitter user expertly imitated the moon’s eclipse of the sun with help from two adogable black and white pug puppies. 

“The only eclipse I care about tbh,” Twitter user @SweetK0518 captioned this snapshot of a chocolate doughnut covering a glazed one. #Priorities.

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Everybody watching the Solar Eclipse vs me watching the Solar Eclipse. #SolarEclipse2017

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Be real, were you Beyoncé or Rihanna yesterday? 

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Creativity props to @AlexaBasauri, who cleverly pushed a Blue Moon in front of a bottle of Sol.

PSA for the eclipse today: Use protection.

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Friends fans will remember this moment from the sitcom, when Phoebe and Rachel found out Monica and Chandler were an item. Turns out Phoebe’s hysterical reaction to accidentally seeing the pair canoodling applies to those who peered at the eclipse without protective glasses. “MY EYES!” 

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