Eating barbecue will accelerate the body’s aging

By | May 12, 2019

People like to enjoy the delicious food of barbecue food outdoors. But a recent study by American researchers warned everyone that eating grilled foods can accelerate aging and lead to a range of diseases.

Researchers have pointed out that high-temperature grilled foods produce a toxin called “the final glycation end product”, which is no less harmful than trans fatty acids. Researchers therefore recommend that food should not be grilled or fried.

The body itself will continue to produce toxins of glycation end products, but eating grilled food will accelerate the production of this toxin. The study calls for manufacturers to list the final glycation end products of grilled or fried foods on packaging labels, just as they now label trans fatty acids and calories. Researchers also recommend that people cook food in a steamed, boiled or stewed way.

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