Be wary of 9 kinds of habits that are hurting your kidneys.

By | March 6, 2019

1, don’t like to drink water

Most men don’t have much interest in drinking water, don’t even think it’s important, but in fact it is easy to cause physical damage. Significant damage. The metabolic waste in our body is mainly treated by the liver and kidneys. The kidneys, which account for only 1% of the body’s body weight, receive a heart output of 1/4 of the body. Every minute, 1-2 liters of blood passes through the kidneys. Therefore, the kidneys receive The waste is far more than other organs. The most important thing for the kidneys is to mediate the balance of water and electrolytes in the body. The waste from metabolic and physiological activities is placed in the urine, but when it performs these functions, it needs sufficient water to assist.

Solution: Drink plenty of water

Develop the habit of drinking more water to dilute the urine, let the urine discharge quickly, not only can prevent stones, but also help the urine when eating too much salt. The liquid becomes lighter, thus protecting the kidneys.

2, abuse of painkillers

Studies have shown that long-term use of mixed painkillers, the body’s blood flow rate will be forced to reduce, it will seriously affect the function of the kidneys. In addition, it is worth noting that patients with renal failure caused by painkillers are also more prone to bladder cancer.

Workaround: Do not take painkillers for a long time

No matter which kind of painkillers you take, they are only suitable for occasional use. They should never be taken for a long time. If you need to rely on painkillers for a long time, you must thoroughly treat them. an examination.

3, eat too much salt

Salt is an important culprit to make the kidney burden worse. 95% of the salt in our diet is metabolized by the kidneys. Too much intake, the burden on the kidneys is forced to increase, and the sodium in the salt can cause the body’s water to be easily discharged, further increasing the burden on the kidneys. This leads to a decline in kidney function.

Workaround: Control salt intake

Scientific daily salt intake should be controlled within 6 grams, and 3 grams of it can be obtained directly from daily food, therefore, food It should be kept within 3-5 grams when seasoning. It is worth noting that the salt in the instant noodles is particularly high, and it is best to eat it regularly.

4, too much pressure causes high blood pressure

High blood pressure has become a major threat to the health of modern people, a large part of which is caused by excessive pressure on life and work, thus indirectly The ground affects the normal functioning of the kidneys. A common symptom of stress is insomnia. Men’s blood pressure is on average 5-10 mm Hg higher than that of women, and insomnia causes an average increase in blood pressure of 2-5 mm Hg.

Workaround: Pay attention to your blood pressure

It is difficult for young people to find their own high blood pressure, so no matter how old you are, it is best to take a blood pressure measurement at regular intervals and prevent it. Staying up late and overstressing raises blood pressure.

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