More than 60 diseases related to drinking

By | July 7, 2019

Recently, there was a 36-year-old young editor who died of long-term alcoholism, sudden illness, and unfortunate death. Behind the baby left only 4 months old. This incident caused a lot of people to vibrate. Some people said: I never know that drinking can also drink dead people; some people say that the harm of drinking to the body is so serious. The lessons of life make people re-examine their way of life in the New Year.

It’s about to go to the Spring Festival, and some people will increase their entertainment, push the cup for change, and drink more and more; some people drink and drive, and the accident continues. At this time, we must remind you that for your health and everyone, please drink less.

Men don’t have more than 2 bottles a day.

Many people say that beer is a liquid bread, but don’t forget, whether it’s beer or white wine, there is ethanol in the wine. . The right amount of alcohol is really good for the body, but beyond a certain amount, it may cause harm to the body.

The World Health Organization has a standard. Men drink no more than 2 bottles of beer a day, and drink no more than five days a week. In this amount and the bottle, most people will not have any problems. Women are half the amount of men. But once this amount and bottle size are exceeded, the likelihood of problems increases.

Orientals may not be as good as Westerners

The amount of alcohol in each person is different, which is related to the body’s metabolic enzymes. Orientals are different from Westerners. The metabolic enzymes are weak. After drinking the wine, they are red and cannot be metabolized. Therefore, the amount of alcohol in the Orientals may not be as good as that of Westerners.

Some people are prone to alcohol, which is a disease. Alcoholism has a genetic rate of about 60%, so people who have a lot of alcohol in the family, other members should pay attention to moderation, because it is easy to addiction. When you drink, you can’t have an empty stomach, eat something and drink alcohol. why? Because these things can take up some of your stomach, so there is less to enter. In addition, beer can be used instead of white wine. The white wine has high ethanol content and large damage.

After the drunk, I can’t grasp the steering wheel

What is the problem with drinking? Everyone has seen it in light. If you are drunk, you may have a mistake. You may drive a traffic accident after drinking, you can’t grasp the steering wheel, the fine operation is affected, and your consciousness and memory are diminished. You may not remember anything for a while. Some people fight and fight after drinking, hurting themselves and others.

Drinking too much for a long time, addiction, it is serious. The problems caused by drinking are not only the body, but also mental symptoms, family conflicts, accidents and so on.

Three grades of drinking: social drinking, harmful drinking, alcohol-dependent drinking generally have three grades: social drinking, harmful drinking, alcohol dependence. Occasional drinking, social, and social, as long as the amount is not large, there will be no problem. Normal people drink alcohol, when they are happy, when they are happy, they drink alcohol. When they stop, they stop. They don’t drink too much. How to live, how to live, 60%-70% of people are in this category.

There are still some people who are harmful to drinking, which exceeds the amount of two bottles of beer per day, but not to the degree of addiction, but often problems, such as drunk driving, fatty liver, unstable blood pressure . This part of the population should be well educated so that their alcohol consumption falls within the normal range, and the problem is not big.

About 5% to 10% of people who drink alcohol are dependent on alcohol. And this dependence has a tendency to be younger. The US statistics are about 5%-7% of people. In 1994, about 3% of adults in China were addicted to alcohol. They couldn’t do without the bottle of wine. They had to drink a certain amount every day. Such people need special alcohol treatment.

Alcohol dependence takes about 10-20 years.

If you drink alcohol every day, it will take about 10 to 20 years to reach the level of alcohol dependence. Men are more addicted to alcohol than women. Women can cry when they are upset. They can be embarrassed and can release their depression. Men are more likely to contact wine than women, and they are more likely to drink wine.

When people are dependent on alcohol, their mental state changes. They may spend most of their time in the wine, they may lose friends, their wives are divorced, and the wine not only causes psychological damage to him, but also It brings a lot of physical illnesses, and some people even lose their lives. But that kind of alcohol addiction is seduce him, his mind can’t control himself, and the brain has changed differently from the average person. They hate and love wine, they can’t live without it every day, drink and drink, and drink more, and drink all his life. Later, the late arrival, absenteeism, interpersonal relationship, and family conflicts after drinking increased. If you are serious, you will be drinking, drunk, etc. from day to night. Such people will start to stay away from society, away from family, low mood, bad mood, vicious circle, and even depression and suicide.

More than 60 diseases related to drinking

Excessive drinking has a particularly bad effect on the body. The World Health Organization reports that more than 60 diseases are related to alcohol. The wine enters the body and enters the bloodstream, and passes through the blood-brain barrier to the brain. Therefore, the first damage is the brain, which can cause depression, mental symptoms, and even dementia. This person is stupid.

90% of the wine needs to be metabolized in the liver, so the second damage is the liver and gastrointestinal tract. If the human body can only metabolize 50 grams of alcohol, alcohol can only be piled up in the liver, producing a lot of peroxides and hurting the liver. Light is fatty liver, the severity is cirrhosis, cirrhosis can cause massive bleeding and death, and can also cause liver cancer death and so on.

As long as you want to drink in the morning, you are addicted.

Judging whether it is alcohol addiction, you can see three questions: the first one, normal drinking, no problem, the people around you will not be special note. The people around you are sure to be the ones who often go to drink because of alcohol; we often drink milk for breakfast, but some people drink the second pot in the morning. As long as you want to drink in the morning is addiction, this is addiction; there are people who drink the wine and blame themselves, others have not criticized him for his old blame, this may be the person who drank too much. If you have these problems, go see a doctor.

Alcoholics suddenly abstain from alcohol with withdrawal syndrome alcoholism, alcoholism, alcohol dependence, alcoholism is the same word. What is addiction? It is dependence. At this level, professional doctors must be treated, and the patients themselves cannot stop. People who are not addicted, do not have withdrawal syndrome, become addicted people, may not quit drinking repeatedly, and once suddenly stop drinking, put a pound of white wine or a dozen bottles of beer a day, all of a sudden When you stop, there will be withdrawal syndrome. There are quite a few patients who will die and die, so be sure to go to a professional institution to stop drinking.

Alcohol dependence needs to be treated for life.

For people who are dependent on alcohol, the first step is physical treatment, which uses drugs to stop his large amount of alcohol. There are quite a few people who have combined many diseases and have to treat these diseases at the same time. This is the first step. After about a week of withdrawal, we have to start a lot of psychotherapy, give them classes, group patients, and do collective psychotherapy. This is a three-month round; after discharge, we have a long-term psychotherapy team. Help patients to form alcohol and mutual aid clubs for the rest of their lives.

Older children and pregnant women don’t drink alcohol

Immediately after the Spring Festival, people will increase their entertainment, push for a cup, and drink more. Some people drink and drive, and the accident continues. At this time, we must remind everyone that for your health and everyone, please drink less. Some of them need special reminders, don’t drink alcohol: one is a pregnant woman, the wine quickly passes through the placenta, which is a direct injury to the fetus. Some mothers who drink alcohol are born with alcoholic fetuses, wide-eyed eyes, and children. Silly for a lifetime. Also, children can’t drink alcohol. Every country has certain laws, and children are not allowed to drink alcohol. Another is the elderly with physical illnesses. Because the elderly are taking medicine, alcohol interacts with many drugs, or strengthens the effects of drugs, or reduces the effects of drugs. Another one is people who are often in trouble, alcohol addicted people, such as drunk driving can not control their own people, such people have to make up their minds to break the wine.

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