Life observation: pharmacies have a lot of hidden dangers in pharmacies

By | April 15, 2019

. With the opening of pharmacies, some pharmacies in large and medium-sized cities will use paid or unpaid valet measures as a convenient way to help customers solve problems. Earned a lot of popularity. However, the reporter interviewed in Urumqi City found that due to the lack of operational standards and regulatory methods, “one pot of fried medicine” is a hidden danger.

The reporter learned that after the customer sent the Chinese herbal medicine, the pharmacy used the decocting machine in just two hours, and it was able to help a customer to cook the medicine for a few days. The fried soup could be taken away that evening.
Many pharmacy executives said that the introduction of valet decoction measures is mainly for the convenience of the people, each drug is only a symbolic cost of two yuan.
For the convenience of the map, the customer gave the pharmacy a high degree of trust, but it is not fully known about the “catty” that may exist during the decocting process.
Some customers report to reporters that some pharmacies often have bad behaviors such as cutting corners, shoddy and shoddy when they are on the valet, while Chinese medicine is the most important thing, and what kind of medicine is missing, which is less. , will affect the efficacy of the entire drug. What is even more worrying is that even if customers have doubts about the quality of drugs, they often fail to get evidence.
There are also customers who report that when the pharmacy is decocting, the pharmacist & ldquo; absence is a phenomenon. They said that some pharmacists go to work as actors “catch up”, and take a look at it, the decocting is actually done by ordinary employees of the pharmacy, and the quality of the drug is not guaranteed.
In this regard, some insiders agree. They believe that because the number of pharmacists is seriously out of balance with the development of pharmacies, pharmacists in Urumqi are an extremely scarce resource, and it is not surprising that some pharmacies share a pharmacist.

Quite amazing. This is also the case. Once the Valet Decoction measures were launched, pharmacies across the country followed suit and tasted a lot of sweetness.
While the valet business is becoming more and more prosperous, some Chinese medicine experts have warned that there are many hidden dangers in the valet.
Li Qihua, an expert from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, said that as a science, there are many exquisite Chinese medicines. Whether it is the equipment for decocting, the operation process, or the mastery of pharmacological knowledge of the decocting personnel, it is crucial. Problems can be discounted or even major safety incidents.
Li Qihua believes that there are many hidden dangers in the practice of pharmacies ” one pot of fried medicine. He said that the utensils for frying Chinese medicine should generally choose ceramic pots or casseroles, because this can avoid the chemical reaction of the ingredients of the pot and the medicine, and the decocting machine commonly used in pharmacies has the danger of chemical reaction with the medicine.
Chinese medicine decoction requires strict order of the medicine and the time of boiling. Li Qihua said that the medicinal materials containing minerals should be fried first, and the time of frying should be long; while the Chinese medicines that are susceptible to heat should be fried later. The decocting machine used in pharmacies is mostly a high-pressure decocting drug, which cannot be used midway, and its efficacy must be affected.
In addition, he also said that the decocting machine of most pharmacies has to dig dozens of bags and hundreds of bags of medicine for different customers every day. Therefore, the occurrence of drug-induced rush is inevitable, and even lead to major safety accidents. may.
Blind spot in market supervision
According to the reporter, there is no clear regulatory requirement for the pharmacy service in the country. The double standard of pharmacy decoction operation standards and law enforcement departments’ law enforcement basis is worrying.
Some customers report that they often encounter different tastes and discounts of drugs in the pharmacy. However, they can only find evidence and can only eat dumb losses.
In this regard, Li Ying, director of the Inspection Department of Urumqi Food and Drug Administration, also expressed helplessness. He said that pharmacy valet decoction is a blind spot in national laws and regulations, and the drug regulatory department cannot rely on market supervision, which leads to the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of customers.
In response to the above problems, Li Qihua, an expert from the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, believes that it is imperative to establish a comprehensive set of laws and regulations to restrict the pharmacy service of pharmacies. Under the premise of legal compliance, the regulatory authorities should strengthen Supervision.
He suggested that, first of all, the drug regulatory department can set a threshold for valet service in the registration of pharmacies, and not to register pharmacies that are not up to standard such as equipment and environmental sanitation. The operating standards should be in accordance with the “Chinese Herbal Pieces” promulgated by the state. The Management Regulations are formulated and submitted to the drug regulatory department for approval.
Secondly, the quality of the decocting operators should be improved, so that each pharmacy has a competent Chinese pharmacist to check, and at the same time strengthen the training of decocting workers, requiring the medicinal workers to hold the certificates.
Again, the regulatory authorities should strengthen the inspection of the decocting service on a regular basis in a combination of regular and irregular time. At the same time, the pharmacy is required to make a production record so that it can be proved when problems arise.

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