Why do winter lips get more and more dry

By | June 13, 2019

The winter climate is dry, many people’s lips are dry, some people use their tongues to lick their lips in order to make their lips moist. But the lips become drier. Experts advise that when the lips are dry, they can’t use the tongue.

Winter Lips

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A reddish area around the lips is called the red lips. It is moistened by locally rich capillaries. And a small amount of sebaceous glands to maintain.

The winter climate is cold, the air is dry, the blood circulation of the skin mucosa is relatively poor, and the secretion of sebum is reduced. If fresh vegetables are eaten less, the intake of vitamin B2 and vitamin A is insufficient, and the lips will dry or even dry.

●Prominent problems are getting more and more cracked

Rubbing your lips with your tongue can only temporarily moisten your lips through saliva. When the moisture of the lip that is picked up evaporates, it will take more moisture inside the lips. In addition, saliva contains amylase, mucin and other substances, which are relatively viscous, causing contraction of connective tissue, causing wrinkling of the lip mucosa, and eventually causing the more dry, the more dry, the more sturdy, the more malignant cycle.

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