The real reason for changing your face after drinking

By | March 18, 2019

Let’s start with the reason for blushing. Many people think that it is caused by alcohol, but it is not caused by acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde has the function of dilating capillaries, and the expansion of facial capillaries is the cause of blushing. So people who drink blush means that they can quickly convert ethanol to acetaldehyde, which means they have efficient alcohol dehydrogenase. But we must not forget that there is also an enzyme, acetaldehyde dehydrogenase.

The person who drinks blush is only the former enzyme does not have the latter enzyme, so the body quickly accumulates acetaldehyde and can not be metabolized, so it will be red for a long time. However, everyone has experience. When 1-2 hours later, the red will gradually go to the legs. This is caused by the P450 in the liver slowly converting acetaldehyde into acetic acid, and then entering the TCA cycle and being metabolized.

One thing to remind everyone is that people who drink blush are not easy to hurt the liver, and people with white faces are particularly vulnerable to liver damage. The red-faced people generally advised less alcohol, so they drank less, got tired after drinking, and slept for 15-30 minutes. White-faced people often don’t know their own ground, drinking too much in high excitement until they get drunk. The alcohol in their body accumulates due to the absence of highly active enzyme treatment, leading to liver damage. Alcoholic liver damage generally only occurs in these people. Red-faced people can drink for a few consecutive meals even if they drink and drink, while white-faced people need more time to rest, because the metabolism of alcohol takes a day or two.

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