Experts explain why the sleeping position on the “right side” is the most scientific?

By | March 9, 2019

Insomnia, poor sleep, lack of sleep, and more and more people. When many people use red wine and sleeping pills, they don’t know that sometimes they have a problem with sleeping. Experts said that under normal circumstances, people’s sleep posture can be roughly divided into three types: supine, prone, and lateral. Among them, the posture of the right side is relatively scientific.

Zhao Xia, assistant researcher at the China Youth Research Center for Children and Adolescents, said that when a person is lying on his back, his back muscles cannot be well relaxed. This is because the weight of the body is pressed against the back when lying on the back, which makes the back muscles over-stressed, so people often get back pain after getting up for one night after sleeping. Moreover, when lying on the back, since the tongue is soft, it tends to hang down in the mouth, which is easy to cause snoring, and the saliva is more likely to flow into the trachea and cause cough. We often see people who sleep on their backs, fall asleep and cough suddenly, for this reason. In addition, the two hands on the back of the sleep are often placed on the chest, which is also easy to have a nightmare.

When you sleep on your stomach, your body and leg muscles are not completely relaxed. The muscles in your chest and abdomen are compressed, so you can’t get a good rest in your heart and lungs. Get stuck in a soft pillow, so breathing will be greatly affected. In addition, because the neck is twisted to one side for a long time, it may cause a stiff neck and sprain the neck muscles. Therefore, in comparison, the side lying is a better posture, which can avoid the above situation.

Experts point out that when lying on the side, the spine is bent forward into an S-shape, and the limbs are easily placed in a comfortable position, which can relax the whole body muscles. The reason why the right side is chosen is because the heart is in the left position of the chest. If the left side is placed, the heart will be pressed. When the right side sleeps, the heart is under pressure. The stomach leads to the duodenum and the mouth of the small intestine leading to the large intestine is open to the right side, which is conducive to the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the liver is also located in the right upper abdomen, which is in a lower position when the right side is lying down, and the blood can supply more liver, which is good for digesting food and metabolizing nutrients in the body. Therefore, maintaining the right lateral position is more beneficial to your health.

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