Be alert to the seven cancer symptoms that are not painful

By | March 22, 2019

No pain in hematuria

Hematuria without abdominal pain is an early symptom of kidney cancer and bladder cancer. For example, hematuria with abdominal pain may be a urinary system stone. Therefore, the same is hematuria, the difference between benign and malignant diseases mainly depends on whether there is abdominal pain.

No painful breast mass

If there is no pain in the mass of the breast, the surface of the hand is bumpy and uneven, and there is no obvious boundary with the surrounding normal tissue. The texture is hard, the suggestion may be Breast cancer.

No painful vaginal bleeding

Middle-aged and elderly women, such as sudden onset of painless contact bleeding, may be symptoms of cervical cancer or uterine cancer.

No pain, nose and blood

There are no symptoms such as headache, sore throat and nasal pain, but bloody or blood clots are often found in the nose, suggesting that there is a possibility of nasopharyngeal cancer.

No painful skin keratinization

Occurs in the face and back of the hand, the skin has a round rash-like appearance, partial flat or slightly raised, with brown or black suede on the surface, but no pain Sense, this is the precancerous manifestation of skin cancer.

No painful lymphadenopathy

Lymph nodes in the groin, submandibular, infraorbital, neck, posterior occipital, and around the ear, such as one or more lymph nodes showing no pain Sexually enlarged, and hard texture, should be alert to chronic lymphocytic leukemia or lymphoma.

No painful stomach ulcers

Some elderly people have stomach ulcers without abdominal pain, but suddenly appear black stools. After gastroscopy, gastric ulcer has been developed into gastric cancer. Therefore, when the elderly physical examination, try to do gastroscopy or upper gastrointestinal sputum angiography, if it is a painless gastric ulcer, early detection, early treatment can avoid cancer.

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