How long does it take to bathe the most healthy before going to bed?

By | April 12, 2019

It is best to bathe 2 hours before going to bed

Sleep often falls after the body temperature drops, and the hot bath will raise the body temperature and delay the release of “sleep hormones”. If you can only take a bath before going to bed, you can use a wet towel to cool your forehead for 5 minutes after the bath, let the body temperature fall back to normal level, and fall asleep as soon as possible.

Bathing after wake up to wake up

In the standard of sleep quality, one of the internationally accepted indicators is “next morning feeling”, if you feel good, even if your sleep time is short, It is also considered that the quality of sleep is good. After the morning, a bath with a slightly lower water temperature can refresh our spirit and improve the satisfaction of sleep at night.

Be wary of some foods stealing sleep

●Funny dinner. High-fat foods can prolong their digestion time in the stomach, causing them to fall asleep at night. For dinner, eat less and lighter. It is best to choose low-fat but protein-containing foods such as fish, chicken or lean meat.

●Caffeinated beverages or food. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, speeding up the heartbeat and raising blood pressure. Some people who are sensitive to caffeine, even in the afternoon with a cup of hot cocoa, are enough to make us sleep at midnight. In addition, the diuretic effect of caffeine will also cause you to frequent the night and affect the quality of sleep.

●Small wine. Drinking a cup before going to bed may wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning and you will not be able to sleep anymore. Alcohol did have a certain sedative effect at first, but after a few hours, the sedative effect gradually disappeared, and the opposite began to have an excitatory effect. In addition, when the calming power subsides, it will also generate stimuli, causing people to wake up early. Studies have pointed out that some people who have alcohol abuse habits spend a lot of time in bed, but the quality of sleep is very poor.

●Production of food. This kind of food makes the stomach full of gas, feeling uncomfortable, and can’t sleep. Therefore, eat less gas-producing food for dinner, including: beans, onions, potatoes, corn, bananas, citrus fruits, sorbitol-added drinks, etc.

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