Long-term welding causes eye inflammation

By | May 14, 2019

Ultraviolet ophthalmia is also known as “electro-optic ophthalmia” or “snow blind”. Usually after 6 to 8 hours of exposure to strong light, the patient feels severe pain in both eyes, as if there is sand rubbing, and a lot of tears, red eyes, strong photophobia and dare to blink.

At this point, the patient can immediately lie down, close his eyes, and apply cold water to the eyes with a cold water towel. This method not only reduces the congestion of the patient’s eyes, but also has the effect of rapid analgesia. The cold effect continues until the patient’s eye pain is relieved. The rescuer should promptly replace the cold towel for the injured person to ensure the cold compress effect.

If you can find 1% dicaine eye drops, you can get an immediate pain relief effect with your eyes. This medicine is a topical anesthetic. It must pay attention to the protection of the eyes after it is clicked. It can cover up the eyes, so as to avoid feeling insensitive and can not be found in time after entering the foreign body, causing eye damage.

When eye pain occurs, if you can’t find the above medicine, you can use fresh human milk or milk that has been cooled after boiling. It can also protect the eyeball and relieve pain.

After eye pain is relieved, chloramphenicol eye drops are added to the eye to prevent secondary infection. After that, you should bandage your eyes or bring dark glasses. To make the eyes rest. Minimize the rotation and friction of the eyeball. It usually takes a day or two to heal. In addition, parents should educate children not to watch the operation of the welder to avoid the occurrence of electro-optic ophthalmia.

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