The first time of the earthquake, on-site first aid

By | August 2, 2019

The earthquake occurred as soon as possible to find a stable place to hide

In the opening talk “city construction safety and accidental injury prevention”, Dr. Liu Weidong, dean of the Punan Hospital and director of neurosurgery pointed out The earthquake occurred, and the first scientific escape and self-rescue on the spot was an effective way to preserve life.

The easiest way to escape is to go to the open space from the first time on the spot. At this time, you can’t touch the electric appliance, you can’t take the elevator, and you can find the same solid thing on the head to protect the head from falling objects. Bruises. Quick evacuation to the outside of the house.

In the unlikely event that an earthquake is too late to escape, you need to find a solid thing to hide at the fastest speed. When an earthquake strikes, many people are on the top of the high-rise building, and there will be dizziness first. What should we do? We must find something that can be held, or lie on the ground, under the table, temporarily protect ourselves. Need to be reminded that when people encounter dizziness, they can’t go to work at high altitudes, they can’t walk next to the deep wells, and they can’t walk along the water. If they are dizzy, unexpected things will happen and life is dangerous.

Working at heights To grasp the fixed things

Experts remind that safety education is also a top priority in the construction of the World Expo around the clock. From the perspective of a doctor, in urban construction safety accidents, the most common is the fall from high altitude, and the second is to prevent sudden death or accidental injury. If early prevention, early detection, early treatment, you can avoid many accidents, effectively control the progress of the disease, prolong the survival of patients, and improve the quality of life.

On-site first aid in safe production is very important, and hospitals often treat cases of falling from high places. Working at heights, there is no fixed thing, and some people do not wear insurance belts at high altitude. When a movement occurs, someone will feel dizzy when shaken, and it is easy to fall. There must be something that can be caught. All the precautions are in place. If you have problems in the above, the insurance belt can be caught, maybe you will save your life. This is the basic precaution.

Self-help on the spot

Popular knowledge is very important

Everyone knows that the mastery of self-help and first-aid knowledge is very important, but some people don’t understand the specific practices.

How to first aid? The first step is to rely on yourself. For example, if someone has an accident, the first thing to judge is whether the person has consciousness, whether there is a heartbeat, or is there any breathing? If the consciousness is clear, there will be enough time for the rescue. Second, use a rope to tie the calf and arms to the wound and prevent it from bleeding. The third is to carry the patient to a safe place.

How do you tell if a wounded person has consciousness? First, call his name. The name is the most irritating to people. The second call shows whether he has responded, patted his face, and shook his body. If the other party did not respond, he had to check his eyes or lick his face. If he still does not respond, it is dangerous.

How do you see if this person has a heartbeat? When you look white, your lips are purple. The second one is to see the carotid pulsation. Third, you can put your ear close to his nose and feel the mouth breathing. The fourth can be silently pressed by the neck, watching the pulse does not move, do not jump. In principle, these four actions are usually completed within 30 seconds, and the latter rescue is more confident.

If there is a coma and there is no spontaneous breathing and heartbeat, artificial resuscitation is required.

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