The six major signals of lack of nutrition

By | July 31, 2019

How to judge whether there is no nutrition, the body intentionally or unintentionally send us a signal of lack of nutrition, remind us to quickly find a solution.

Signal 1, hair is dry, thin, easy to break, hair loss

Nutrition that may be lacking: protein, energy, essential fatty acids, trace element zinc.

Nutrition countermeasures: daily intake of essential foods, 3 tons of lean meat, 1 egg, 250 ml of milk per day to supplement high-quality protein, while increasing the intake of essential fatty acids. Ingest 2 to 3 times a week of marine fish, and eat more oysters to increase trace element zinc.

Signal 2: Night vision loss

Nutrition that may be lacking: Vitamin A. If it is not corrected in time, it may further develop into night blindness, and corneal dryness and ulceration may occur.

Nutrition strategies: increase the intake of food such as carrots and pig liver. Both provide vitamin A in the form of plants and animals, which are more efficient in absorption. It should be noted that vitamin A is a vitamin that dissolves in oil and does not dissolve in water. Therefore, cooking carrots with vegetable oil is more effective than raw carrots, and the absorption efficiency of vitamin A can be greatly improved.

The main food source of vitamin A:

Vitamin A in the diet comes from two parts: some are retinol directly from animal foods, such as animal liver. , egg yolk, cream, other animal internal organs, etc.; the other part is derived from carotene-rich yellow-green vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, rape, pepper, tomato and orange.

Vitamin A or Carotene Content in Several Common Foods (mg/100g)

Food Name Vitamin A Food Name Carotene

Pig Liver 4972 Carrot 4010

Chicken Liver 10414 Spinach 2920

Cream 1042 Rape 620

Egg 310 Broccoli 7210

Lean Pork 44 Orange 1660

*1mg vitamin A = 1.0mg retinol equivalent 1mg & beta; – carotene = 0.167mg retinol equivalent

signal 3, glossitis, tongue rupture, tongue edema

may be lacking Nutrition: B vitamins.

Nutritional measures: Washing rice, steamed rice, etc. can cause a large loss of B vitamins. Long-term consumption of fine rice noodles, long-term vegetarian diet, and no other supplements, it is easy to cause the loss of B vitamins. To this end, it should be done with the staple food mix and the combination of vegetarian and vegetarian. If you have a vegetarian diet, you should add a certain amount of multivitamin B drug preparations daily.

Signal 4, bleeding gums

Nutrition that may be lacking: Vitamin C.

Nutritional Strategies: Vitamin C is the most easily deficient vitamin because it requires harsh living conditions. Light, temperature, storage and cooking methods can cause damage or loss of vitamin C. Therefore, you should eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits every day. It is best to consume about 1 kg of vegetables and 2 to 3 fruits. Among them, the cooking method of vegetables is best combined with hot frying and cold salad.

Food Sources of Vitamin C:

Mainly from fresh vegetables and fruits, such as pepper, spinach, tomatoes, orange, orange, jujube, etc.; animal foods only contain a small amount of liver and kidney Vitamin C

Vitamin C content of some common foods (mg/100g):

Food Name VC Content Food Name VC Content

Chinese Cabbage 28~47 Orange 33< Br>

Persimmon Pepper 72 Apple 1~6

Spinach 32 Orange 11~33

Rapeseed 36 Banana 8

Red Fruit 53 Milk 1

Signal 5, taste loss

Nutrition may be lacking: zinc.

Nutritional measures: Appropriate increase of shellfish, such as oysters and scallops, is an effective means to supplement trace element zinc. In addition, one egg, three red meats and one two beans are required to supplement the trace element zinc daily.

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