Look at the tongue shape to find the lack of nutrition

By | September 14, 2019

From the color and shape of the tongue, you can see which nutrients are lacking, so as to teach you how to supplement your nutrition.

Look at the tongue to find the missing nutrients

Beef tongue: It is characterized by swelling and pain in the tongue. The tongue is blushing like raw beef. It is especially sensitive to hot, salty and sour foods. Ulcers, periodontitis, cheilitis, which are typical symptoms of niacin deficiency. Long-term consumption of corn, sorghum is easy to lack niacin, long-term lack can cause memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease. Such elderly people should eat more foods rich in niacin, such as: animal liver and kidney, lean meat, whole wheat products, beer, yeast, malt, fish, eggs, nuts, white poultry, date palm, fig, dried fruit Wait.

Mirrored tongue: manifested as atrophy of the tongue, small tongue, smooth tongue, pink or red.

At the same time, the complexion is pale, the hair is dry and shedding, and the nails are easily broken, straight streaks, and even scooped, which is a symptom of iron deficiency in the body. Middle-aged and elderly vegetarians and patients with atrophic gastritis, chronic diarrhea, and most of the stomach are prone to iron deficiency. Such elderly people should eat animal blood, liver, lean meat, fish, kelp, seaweed, soybeans, spinach, celery, rape, tomato, citrus, bayberry, apricot, jujube, orange, as well as milk, eggs, soybeans and beans. Products, etc.

Experts suggest that when eating peanuts, people with yin deficiency or internal fire should not eat fried peanuts to avoid heat. Peanuts are not eaten after mildew, because mildew produces a carcinogenic aflatoxin. Adding baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to the corn can enhance the absorption and utilization of niacin. The iron-deficient leaves are not green and yellow in the veins, and some are even white. When the iron is severely deficient, the leaves are scorched. Fruits and fruits and vegetables lack iron in addition to the performance on the leaves, but also affect the quality of the fruit, therefore, you should buy fresh, strong, delicious fruits and vegetables.

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