Milk powder 3 principle 7 steps out of good milk

By | May 18, 2019

Tips for buying milk powder:

· There are many ways to buy milk powder, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, and free direct delivery, but also develop a lot of logistics delivery, you have to stay Good invoices, outbound receipts and other credentials, and check the production date and shelf life of the milk powder.

·When opening the milk powder packaging cover or cutting the bag, try to eat it within one month. At the same time, observe the appearance, traits, wetness, agglomeration, impurities, etc. of the milk powder. The solubility of milk powder, whether it is sticky or not.

· When you find any quality problems with milk powder, don’t eat it any more. Contact the dealer or manufacturer in time.

Does your baby need high-iron milk powder?

Australian researchers conducted experiments on 493 9-month-old healthy babies to understand the effects of milk, low-iron milk powder, and high-iron milk powder on baby development until the baby is 18 months old.

The data show that although iron-fortified milk powder can increase the iron content in the baby’s blood, there is no significant difference in the physical and mental development of these three groups of babies. In other words, after 9 months, the baby will not affect the baby’s development after drinking milk powder. However, experts have pointed out that the baby will start to eat semi-solid liquid food in three or four months, so it is not necessary to absorb iron from the milk powder. Therefore, this study specifically selects a 9-month-old baby to do research, which seems to be a bit debatable.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently announced the “Importance of Iron-fortified Baby Milk Powder”, suggesting that mothers should breastfeed their babies. If you don’t breastfeed, you should buy a high-speed baby. milk powder. If you can let the baby of 6-18 months old eat the upper limit of iron content, the baby milk powder with the concentration of 4-12 mg/liter after the milk powder is soaked, the baby can not only avoid the anemia problem, but also the normal development of intelligence.

If you want your baby to grow up healthily and you can’t breastfeed yourself, it’s best to talk to your pediatrician about how to use iron-fortified baby formula. Although you need to let the baby absorb enough iron, don’t eat too much to avoid side effects.

Reminder: It is not advisable to give your child milk.

Milk powder contains sodium ions, which need to be diluted with boiling water. If the milk powder concentration is too high, the pressure on the blood vessel wall will increase after drinking. Infants and young children’s capillaries are very weak, so it is easy to cause the baby’s brain capillary rupture, leading to bleeding. If you often drink thick milk powder for young children, bleeding will affect the mental development of young children.

The best way is to add the appropriate amount of warm water to the milk powder, add some honey and white sugar, and then dilute it to the child according to the proportion of 20 parts of hot water. The taste of milk powder is comparable to that of breast milk and is suitable for infants.

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