Six major hazards in delicious barbecue

By | April 13, 2019

◆1, after the barbecue, the nature of the food is hot, and the use of a variety of condiments, such as cumin, pepper, pepper, etc. are hot ingredients, it is very spicy, will It greatly stimulates the gastrointestinal motility and the secretion of digestive juice, which may damage the mucosa of the digestive tract and affect the balance of the constitution, which makes it “ignoring”.

◆ 2, easy to infect parasites: barbecue food outside the coke tender, some meat is not cooked inside, or even raw meat, if not cooked raw meat is unqualified meat, such as “m” Pork & rdquo;, the eater may be infected with parasites, buried a hidden danger of cerebral cysticercosis.

◆ 3, hidden carcinogens: nucleic acids in meat in the Maillard reaction, and most amino acids in the heat decomposition of the production of genetic mutations, these genetic mutations may lead to cancer. In addition, in the environment of barbecue, some carcinogens may enter the human body through the skin, respiratory tract, digestive tract and the like to induce cancer.

◆ 4, reduce the utilization of protein: in the process of grilling food, “Meld reaction” will occur. When the meat is grilled on the oven, it emits a fragrant aroma. However, as the fragrance is emitted, the vitamin is destroyed, the protein is denatured, and the amino acid is also destroyed, which seriously affects the intake of vitamins, proteins and amino acids. Therefore, long-term consumption of barbecue foods will affect the availability of the above substances.

◆ 5, eating too much cooking, smoked too much protein foods, such as kebabs, grilled fish skewers, etc., will seriously affect the vision of young people, leading to myopia. Women often eat fried egg meat to increase the risk of ovarian cancer and breast cancer. For example, eating once every two days is three times higher than eating once a week, and five times higher than eating once a month.

◆ 6, the source of raw materials is shocking, the health of the processing process is more worrying.

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