Regular tooth washing does not cause wear and tear

By | April 16, 2019

Some people think that cleaning your teeth can cause damage to your teeth. In fact, this understanding is wrong. To this end, Jinan City Stomatological Hospital experts recommend that people should wash their teeth regularly.

In recent years, as people’s awareness of the importance of dental care has increased, the term “washing teeth” has gradually entered the lives of ordinary people. However, there are still some people who have a poor understanding of washing teeth and have misunderstandings.

One of the misunderstandings: washing your teeth can lead to increased teeth and damage to your teeth.

People who hold this view, first of all, do not understand the principle and purpose of cleaning teeth. At present, the cleaning of the teeth in hospitals and regular dental clinics is to remove the stones and calcified dirt on the surface of the teeth by ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation, to avoid further stimulation of the gums, bleeding, fear of acidity, fear of sweetness, fear of heat, fear of cold, etc. Symptoms, which in turn cause inflammation of the gums. This cleaning is not worn or damaged to the teeth. As for the problem of the teeth, this is the original one, but the teeth are not cleaned for a long time, so that the stones are blocked.

Misunderstanding 2: It takes time and money to wash your teeth. It is not necessary.

Experts say that under normal circumstances, you can wash your teeth every six months or a year. For smokers, it is best to wash them for about 3 months. Regular tooth washing not only cleans the teeth, but the doctor can also perform a dental examination for the person washing the teeth, so that problems can be discovered in time and treated in time. The first time you wash your teeth, it may be a little uncomfortable because of the high tartar, but as long as you stick to it and pay attention to keeping your mouth clean, the next time you wash your teeth, it will be much better.

In addition, experts reminded that you must go to a regular dental hospital or clinic to wash your teeth. Because the cleaning of the teeth generally goes through the four procedures of stone removal, sand blasting, de-dyeing and polishing, and those very low-cost cleaning clinics generally only take the first step and cannot achieve the purpose of health care.

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